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    That Warm & Safe shirt looks interesting.
    How washable is that, if it is at all?
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    Just random info...I switched to Hotwired gear from Cycle Gear because my old time favorite, the prev gen Tourmaster stuff doesn't exist any more, and this was the closest to it.

    I have put about 3000 miles on the stuff so far (not a ton I know) and it's perfectly great. The jacket has a pretty high collar which is heated, which I really like a lot. Note that the controller they sell/sometimes comes with it sucks balls IMO. I use it with a Warm n Safe wireless jobber to great effect. One tiny issue with this that might matter to someone is that the little zippered pocket on the jacket doesn't really fit the WnS receiver, but you can get it in there. If I cared I suppose I could bring it to an alteration shop and have them make a better pocket (this is all in the liner; no heated stuff involved), but it doesn't really bother me.
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    I've got the 1st gen Tourmaster. So it's good to know the hotwired gear is a pretty good replacement for it when it wears out. Seems like it's affordable too.