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For sale Heavy-Duty Folding Motorcycle Trailer

Discussion in 'Other' started by iq9, Aug 13, 2020.

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  1. iq9

    iq9 Adventurer

    Jun 15, 2014
    North Wales, PA
    Asking $1,000.

    ~1,600 miles.

    Location: Montgomeryville, PA

    No long-distance miles. Use approximately 10 times, to local trackdays, 83 miles to NJMP and back. Assembled from a mail-order kit.

    Holds a single motorcycle in the middle, or 2 on each side. Maybe even 3 dirt bikes, although I never tried that.

    I couldn't find exact Capacity specs for this model. Altho, I did find a less-beefy one that shows 1,600 lbs. You can see the wheels and size of that one are smaller. http://www.saferwholesale.com/Heavy-Duty-8-x-4-6-Three-Rail-Motorcycle-Trailer-p/ech-mc-7-12.htm

    Electric wiring was professionally re-done maybe 4 years ago. The old wiring broke at one point, when I folded it for storage. The new wiring has enough slack to avoid that problem, because it was run through nice plastic tubing. I show it folded in one of these shots, but it didn't fold completely. I don't have time to remove the chock. It folds completely with the wheel chock off.

    One of the front, tie-down arms broke on my 2nd trip with it, and was professionally welded back on. That has been fine since. Stronger than the stock arm. (A buddy left the tie-down strap lose, and it went under the right wheel while driving at about 50 MPH. It bent that arm, slightly cracked the steel.)

    I have all of the extra ramps it came with. The ramps store underneath in 3 storage slots. There is 2 ramp configurations - a steep one, and a shallow one for bikes with lower clearance. With the less-steep configuration, you "bridge" 2 ramps together with this erector-set-looking support in the middle. (Picture of that shown.)

    Electric socket is the standard, 4-pin type. Here's a video I made to show the functioning tail-lights and blinkers, hooked up to my 4Runner.

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