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    If you're referring to my post, I said that our ride was within 5 degrees F of freezing temps, so 27F to 37F. I never had my Warm N Safe jacket liner on all the way, nor my gloves. In fact, I'd turn it all off sometimes to get a chill and then turn it back on to get that goosebumps slipping into the spa feeling :)
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    April in Prudoe...no bueno. Start your journey from home with the bike pointed south and just go. If something spikes your interest, stop and take a look. IF you set a schedule, or have a deadline to be somewhere on a certain date, you will carry that extra burden with you the entire time...
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    That is much better, though I am a wuss, and still think you are crazy!!
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    :vardyNot quite Pitts :vardy. I was just seeing the humorous interpretation of your use of the Fahrenheit temperature scale as it combined with mathematical terminology and a borrowing of metric temperature scale standards practice . . ( hence my use of many emoji ) In your original statement you said ..." while cold (freezing +/- 5F) in the Yukon." No slight intended .
    But now you amend that to explain .. "within 5 degrees F of freezing temps, so 27F to 37F" which is only slightly less confusing .

    Why not simply say " 27F to 37F " in the first place ?

    "FREEZING " exists in the F way of things in any value of 32 and LESS , hence going upward through 33 to 37 it is not "freezing ."
    By borrowing the + and the - of the Celsius scale ( positive and negative on a mathematical grid notation) your statement can easily be misread as referring to a temperature range of 5F BELOW ZERO to 5F ABOVE ZERO . Only in recent decades has it become fashionable to borrow the "plus "and "minus " practice when referring to temperatures in Fahrenheit and it confuses many people into also referencing the freezing mark as some sort of start for a scale as in "below freezing " and " below zero " (NO + or _ )
    If a person reading this does not know the number value for the freezing point , either Fahrenheit or Celsius , that is their problem.
    And I still prefer July for any Yukon ride , even then it can get too cold :lol3
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    More rain, dust, insects, and fire smoke are common complaints with July. Put on your big boy panties and go in June. A 400 mile day riding in heavy rain in the high thirties and low forties builds character. Heated gear is for pussies.

    Note: It built so much character I’ll probably never do that again! (Should have stayed put for a day.)

    Seriously though, go in early June before the RV parade of retirees begin. It will rain but just hope it’s at night.

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    I have done 2 trips to the end of the road Inuvik and Prudhoe bay and both times I left Calgary on June 1rst, I love early June in the north
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    TUCKERS the famous james

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    EVERYTHING depends on the Darien circumnavigation. So book that and then set off and ride accordingly. We chose to take a month to get to Panama and then two more months to get to Ushuaia. BUT we HAD to be in Panama for the sailing of the "Stahlratte".....plan your departure and arrival to catch your boat in Panama.
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    We took 4 months from CA to the Stahlratte (Panama) and 8 more to Ushuaia! Not everyone can afford that much time, but I strongly encourage anyone planning the trip to take as much time as they can manage/afford. 3 months is a whirlwind trip, and if that’s all you can budget, go for it. But you will wish you could have taken more.
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