Hello commuters, what is your gear ?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by mac inger, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Vulfy

    Vulfy Been here awhile

    Feb 8, 2012
    A quick 40 minute commute, mostly on highway in traffic and a little bit of street.

    Full face helmet (Bell Arrow currently)
    TCX Custom GTX boots - most of the time, as I hate to change out and carry additional boots with me.
    Sidi ST Air - when really hot, and sneakers in a backpack to change.
    Aerostitch gloves
    Teiz power shell - most of the time
    AGV jeans - sometimes
    Technik Aquavent Mesh - sometimes

    HitAir vest.
  2. Babbitt

    Babbitt Vermin wannabe Supporter

    Mar 22, 2010
    Group W Bench
    1992 R100 GS
    15 mile back road commute in anything but ICE.
    Shoe 1100
    First Gear Mesh - covered by rain coat for rain or cold.
    BMW Mesh over pants - covered by rain pants for rain or cold
    Variety of gloves
    Tourmaster boots

    I am considering taking a job that would be an 80 mile round trip. It could be either 90% slab or ½ slab depending on the route. My current commute is 15 round trip. While I love my old airhead it is probably not the right tool for the job. I am an everything but ice commuter and looking for bike recommendations.

    My priorities are comfort on the highway, reliable and MPG. I need to be under $7,000. Any suggestions?
  3. commo_soulja

    commo_soulja Supa Thumpa Pilot

    Jun 19, 2005
    Roadcrafter suit
    Sidi something boots (short cuff w/ zipper closure)
    Shoei Hornet helmet
    Revit gauntlet gloves
  4. Polovision

    Polovision Adventurer

    Apr 6, 2004
    Cameron Park, CA
    Haven't owned a car since 2003. Do everything on the bike (shop, work, pick up people at the airport.) I have a 3/4 helmet which is getting old and I might replace it soon. I have a thick shirt with a fur liner I wear over my work clothes and wear a Eddie Bower Jacket over that (Jacket is getting old also.) Blue jeans and a pair of navy shoes and that's about it. Oh, a pair of tan leather gloves. I currently drive a 2014 wing and my commute is about 15 miles each way. Mostly freeway, light traffic. I go to Nevada a lot during the summer and do at least one big ride a year.
    Ridding gear is a personal thing and the longer you ride the more set in your ways a person gets. :D
  5. Michael

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    Oct 10, 2008
    [I am considering taking a job that would be an 80 mile round trip. It could be either 90% slab or ½ slab depending on the route. My current commute is 15 round trip. While I love my old airhead it is probably not the right tool for the job. I am an everything but ice commuter and looking for bike recommendations.

    My priorities are comfort on the highway, reliable and MPG. I need to be under $7,000. Any suggestions? ]

    Take a look at the BMW K1200S; I commute on one through Wash DC and highways such as I395. I have a 2008 which I bought new and it is a fantastic highway machine as well as great in the twisties; good in the city too. Loads of power, very comfortable.....I have a 50 L Givi tail trunk which never comes off, and 50L Givi side cases I put on when I need to carry lots of stuff (the side racks pop off without tools - I got them from Twisted Throttle but forget the brand right now).

    I think BMW put the new motor in the 2006-2008; in 2009 they went to a 1300. Basically the same bike but I think the 09s and up will cost more than $7K.
  6. V-Tom

    V-Tom Long timer

    Aug 26, 2006
    Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
    Hard to go wrong with a used V-Strom 650. Dead reliable, great to ride, super commuter machine and great all rounder. You might even find an older model new at a dealer in your price range. My commute sounds a lot like yours but is 100 mile round trip.

  7. Stupenal

    Stupenal n00b

    Jun 17, 2007
    Location: Los Angeles
    Commute Distance: 20 miles of high speed five lane highway.
    Commute Time: 30-35 minutes
    Bikes: 2004 Honda CB600F Honda 599
    Luggage: Axio Hardcase Tank Bag

    Helmet: Scorpion EXO 1000 (slide down visor is great for days when leaving for work in the morning, and leaving work after sunset)
    Jacket: Alpinestars leather
    Pants: Tourmaster Textile pants
    Suit: Formerly Fieldsheer Highland II suit for 7 years, now Scorpion Passport suit. I prefer wearing a suit over a pants/jacket combo as they're easier to remove and more comfortable over business casual clothes.
    Boots: Icon Motorhead boots. Had Oxtar EVO Race boots with the internal lacing system for awhile until I lost one of them. Looking to get back into a race boot for protection
    Gloves: Kobe Dragon leather gloves, recently purchased Racer Wega Sport gloves.
  8. B dub'ya

    B dub'ya Adventurer

    Apr 23, 2006
    Commute: 27 mile each way
    Helmet: Nolan N90
    Jacket & Pants: Aerostich Roadcrafter
    Boots: Vendramini Marathon Steel
    Gloves: Helimot Buffalo Pro
  9. WilCon76

    WilCon76 Adventurer

    Aug 11, 2013
    Pasadena, MD
    Location: DC, Baltimore corridor.
    Commute Distance: 17 miles one way some highway, some secondary
    Commute Time: 30-35 minutes (Longer to get home on back roads)
    Bike: Triumph Tiger Explorer
    Luggage: Varies: Holan Nomada, panniers, Wolfman Backpack, Wolfman tank bag.

    Helmet: Icon Variant Construct
    Jacket: Olympia AST 2 being replaced by Klim Latitude
    Pants: Klim Latitude
    Boots: Varies between Zamberlan 996 Vioz GT or Icon Elsinore
    Gloves: Varies between River Road Taos and Alpinestars GTS X-Trafit

    Everything is pretty much Gore-Tex now. I learned my lesson trying to save money.
  10. Babbitt

    Babbitt Vermin wannabe Supporter

    Mar 22, 2010
    Group W Bench
    I know it is a truly subjective thing but I have heard that the V-Strom 650 can have a lot of buffeting with the stock windscreen. Other than that it sounds good. What has been your experience with turbulence? They seem to run about 50 MPG on Fuelly.com.

  11. Elusion

    Elusion Adventurer

    Jun 27, 2013
    Helmet: Arai Signet Q
    Jacket: Klim Overland (sometimes, Schott Perfecto or a Dianese mesh-something-or-other)
    Pants: Klim Overland or Rhok Jeans
    Gloves: Klim Adventure
    Bike: KTM 990 Adventure (sometimes the Wife's Buell XB12scg)
    Commute: 7 Miles of highway and waiting in traffic (14 total, there and back)
  12. DJacobsen5116

    DJacobsen5116 Been here awhile

    Nov 2, 2010
    PNW - Seattle, WA
    Helmet: Nolan N-104
    Jacket: Tourmaster Transition II
    Pants: Tourmaster Overpant
    Gloves: Comp Accessories Cold Pro/A# GP+
    Bike: '09 FJR1300
    Commute: 15 miles Interstate Freeway with ~1 mile surface street at start and end- one way
  13. Galen

    Galen Been here awhile

    Jul 22, 2002
    Helmet: Arai Profile, clear shield.
    Glasses: prescription Rudy Project Ekynox or Rydon.
    Jacket/Pants: Hi-viz Roadcrafter 1-piece (most versatile, safest, an easy in-out)
    Or: Rallye Pro 2 and jeans (RC is in for light repairs)
    Or: Tiezm's Mohave Mesh one-piece when it's near 100 degrees.
    Gloves: Aerostich elkskin ropers or something Triumph made many years ago.
    Boots: Thorogood 6" moc toe, wedge sole work boots, usually. Good for walking.
    Or, Combat Lites when I carry light footwear to change into at destination.
    6' vinyl covered cable and a Master lock to secure the suit/jacket when I need to leave extra crap in the top box (BMW or soon to be Pelican 1550). Not needed on the scooter, lots of room.
    Bike: 96 GS or Piaggio MP3 250
    Commute: 24 miles either town and freeway or farm road route (add 5-10 min)
  14. V-Tom

    V-Tom Long timer

    Aug 26, 2006
    Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
    Stock original generation were really bad but for me adding a Madstad bracket cured it. The 2012 was better, but I also added a Madstad to it and have no issues. I also wear earplugs all the time.

  15. 690Emaf10

    690Emaf10 Adventurer

    Apr 9, 2010
    Lancaster, pa
    Just started a new job and trying to commute. I have a car that I use some days but would prefer to use the MC. I have ~47 miles one way.

    Helmet - Arai Quantum II tinted and clear. Changed depending on conditions. Just purchased a Shoei GT-Air that will be my every day helmet
    Jacket - Scorpion Water proof. don't remember what model - Firstgear heated liner if needed. I also have an Alpinestars leather jacket that I occasionally wear
    Pants - Firstgear overpants.
    Gloves - Firstgear heated, Alpinestars SP-1
    Boots Alpinestars - Web Gore-Tex

    I'm riding a Yamaha Super Tenere that I purchased in November. It has just under 1000 miles.

    I haven't actually ridden it in the rain yet but I'm sure it will happen one of these days.....
  16. MooseisLoose

    MooseisLoose Explorer

    Nov 29, 2013
    Lehigh valley,pa
    Commute: 38 miles one way, 25 miles is highway

    Helmet: shoei neotec

    Jacket: tourmaster transition 2, with gerbings jacket liner and street clothes
    Sometime my dianese perf leather jacket when it hot

    Pants: cheap bilt pants with jeans when it's cold
    Revit tornado for warmer temps

    Gloves: gerbings heated gloves for cold
    Was wearing icon hd now just got weise leather short cuff gloves

    Boots: winter just reg insulated waterproof boots
    Warmer I wear tcx x street
  17. SloMo228

    SloMo228 World Class Cheapass

    Sep 22, 2012
    SE Michigan
    I'm in Michigan so roughly the same weather - I have a 78-mile round trip commute that's 90% slab. I get by OK on my DR350 but it's definitely not ideal.

    If I had $7K to spend on a commuter bike to get back and forth to work, I'd definitely at least be taking a look at the NC700X. Hard to beat its fuel economy and it's got a good deal of integrated storage with the "frunk." As far as reliability - it's a Honda! No idea what it's like on the highway but a good windscreen can work wonders for almost any bike. Edit: And you can get one brand new for about $7K or less.
  18. BioStrom

    BioStrom Been here awhile

    Jul 1, 2011
    Mountains of Maryland
    I commute 30 miles one way, half asphalt two lane country road and either more of the same or half interstate depending on time restictions. This is year round except for days with ice or snow on the road.

    Helmet: Shoei RF 1100 -very quiet, no ear plugs and a Schampa neck gaiter when cold

    Jacket: from hot to cold - Scorpion Master Mesh, Arlen Ness ADV type synthetic jacket (11 years old and still my fav), First Gear heavy leather jacket w/thermoliner

    Pants: First Gear mesh hypertext overpant, First Gear hypertex insulated overpant

    Gloves: Elk skin roper, MSR cold pro, Cabelas gore-tex primaloft gauntlet

    Shoes: Oxtar gore-tex touring boots

    I keep other shoes at the office to change into and carry my laptop in a Swiss Army backpack. The Suzuki top case on my 2012 Vstrom 650 provides space for lunch transport on my way to work or for grocery pickup on my way home. On mornings I drive my daughter to the bus stop on my way to work, I carry her jacket, pants and helmet under a bungee net on the passenger pillion.
  19. eht8266

    eht8266 Adventurer

    Jan 13, 2011
    commute of 80 miles round trip - 5 days a week up and down the 101.

    helmet - Arai Vector

    jacket - RevIt Defender + RevIt tennis ball yellow vest

    pants - bmw santiago thrown over jeans / khakis. A little oversized but they work for the most part

    boots - A* web goretex that are showing signs of needing replacement - soles are wearing out, leave a pair of office shoes at work

    gloves - bmw prosport or generic yellow deerskin gloves

    ear protection - sony earbuds for news/sports/music/podcasts

    raingear - stored in a pack that gets thrown in the sidebag if i remember it.

    bike - 2 bmw, 1 ktm
  20. Daemon Angel

    Daemon Angel Been here awhile

    May 30, 2013
    I commute 96 km a day.
    Mostly highway. Sometimes, when the weather is really good and I got to leave on time, going home I take a detour, doing some small roads.
    Only one thing will make me choose my car and that is ice or snow. Which is not that often here in Belgium (I'm seriously not going to hose down my motorcycle after riding through salt at -5°C).

    Motorcycle: Triumph Sprint ST 1050 ABS
    Tires: Pilot road 3 (previous) Pirelli Angel GT (now)

    Helmet: Scorpion exo 1000
    in fluo yellow with some insane design
    Like the sunvisor. The air pumps are useless. A bit noisy and a flip-up would be nice. So next helmet will be a Shoei Neotec or Schubert C3 pro depending on the fit
    Jacket: Rev'it Defender (most of the time) - A* mesh jacket when it is over 30°C
    Quite like them. Flows good air and keeps me dry if needed. A bit more of a hassle to put on due to the liner, but meh.
    Pants: Rev'it Sand (which I use as overpants). Dislike the protection not staying in place and not having hip protection. If I upgrade it is to a gore-pro pants and then I will just take my pants along and switch in the bathroom.
    Boots: A* Web GTX
    Want to upgrade to the Dainese TRQ Tour GTX because of the added protection on the shin and torsion control.
    Gloves: Held Air N Dry
    love them, wear them year round. Recently got a pair of richa summer mesh gloves free with a purchase and sometimes wear these with my mesh jacket.
    Earprotection: Moldex Spark
    used to have Variphone made earprotection but no longer fit and not going to invest again.
    Additional protection: I wear a Helite turtle airbag (recent). A recent purchase. Gives me an added feel of security. Before I had a forcefield backprotector (previous). But always having to put that on as well and it was sweaty and wrinkels my shirt.
    Baggage: Kriega US-20 Tailbag - simply love it!

    Work: Office job for a pharmaceutical company - wear a shirt with jeans/decent but not costume pants and have decent shoes at the office.

    Biggest issue with taking the motorcycle is my hair. Got to fix it before I start working :-). When going for job interviews this was the biggest issue.

    We pay a lot of taxes here but I can deduct all my motorcycle gear of my taxes so that is nice.
    Also the reason I upgrade every 3 years.