Hello commuters, what is your gear ?

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  1. catweasel67

    catweasel67 RD04

    Aug 18, 2009
    Vienna, Austria
    Helmet: Qwest for the winter, Multitec/Roof Boxer V8 for the summer and I've just ordered an Oneal Sierra (re-branded AFX FX41) for the extreme heat. I always use a helmet liner (doorag/buff) - helps keep the helmet clean and makes keeping the earbuds in place a breeze.
    Jacket: BMW RP2 sans liner spring, summer and autumn. Sans armour (just didn't fit me).
    Amour: Pressure suit - vast improvement on the BMW armour and it has a back protector. Forcefield knee tubes.
    Pants: Rukka Goretex something or other and BMW city pants - kept the hip armour but the knee armour was, as with the jacket, too loose.
    Boots: 365- Sidi Adventures in Goretex - and yep, they have the classic Sidi squeak :)
    Baselayer: UA (or similar quality) compression shirt - makes a huge difference for all four seasons. Compliment with other layers accordingly.
    Gloves: Hein Gericke Goretex winter gloves, Alpinestar short-cuff vented for summer. Silk liners. Africa Twin Handguards (ie minimal rain/cold protection but better than nothing).
    Rainsuit: 20 year old Frank Thomas Aquapac - keeps me 100% dry provided I shake the wrinkles out (especially in the seat area) and also adds a very welcome layer of insulation.
    Bikes: Africa Twin RD04 - that's a 25 year old DS bike - sit up and beg, windscreen.
    Commute: varies from 110km each way to 15km - client dependant.
    Location: Vienna - the Austrians really know how to treat their major (and most of the minor ones) roads and down here, at sea-level, you can pretty much ride 365. Air temperature ranges from, on average, -5c ish to 35c ish.

    This only works for my more informal clients where I can get away with wearing my boots, bike trousers and throwing on a polo shirt over the compression gear. If I need to suit and boot it then I either grab the company car or let the train take the strain.
  2. Retired Army 2008

    Retired Army 2008 Army Mechanic

    Jul 17, 2015
    Buffalo New York
    Excellent Idea!!!

    Helmet: HJC Fullface or 3/4 depending on the time of year/weather
    Jacket: Custom Leather that I have had since 1982 *tons of miles on it with me. Looking to get a lightweight perforated leather for summer.
    Pants: Jeans with Chaps over (weather dependant)
    Rain Suit: Bright damn orange with reflective Piping
    Boots: Work boots or sneakers depending on the situation
    Gloves: Shift between 4 pair, weather dependant (always on the bike with me)
    Glasses: Wiley X with interchangeable lenses

    Motorcycle: 2013 Harley Streetglide

    Commute: 40 miles each way daily. couple hundred ridden on weekends :)

  3. Izzy3

    Izzy3 Freak of Unnature

    Aug 7, 2011
    Rocket City
    Helmet: Shoei Neotech with a Sho-1 for comms and music
    Jacket: BMW Airflow for summer and Rallye 3 for winter, freak sized
    Pants: Match the jackets
    Rain gear: Cabela's Guidewear Gortex Bibs and Parka in yellow and a freakish size to fit over my gear. They don't leak, ever, but are hot.
    Gloves: Held Sambia fair weather, Held Air N Dry for 3 seasons and Gerbing for the 4th season.
    Boots: Vendramini Marathons and Daytona Big Travel GTX
    Scoot: 2012 R1200GS Adventure
    Undergear: Heatgear for summer, silkweight and Gerbings for the winter.
    Tricks: I roll my suit and dress clothes in a dry bag and change into and out of my suit prior to riding. The rolling of the suit keeps it from wrinkling.
    Commute: 53 miles each way, 99% slab. Northern Virginia up I-95. Quite a show.
  4. Racerboy000

    Racerboy000 Canuck

    Feb 25, 2014
    Alexandria, Ontario
    Schuberth c3 hi viz orange
    Aerostitch road crafter one piece
    Heated jacket
    Long distance comfort underwear
    Joe rocket gloves for summer
    Aerostitch claw gloves for rain.
    Silk liner for my head and hands

    Commute 45 kms each way. Try to ride from April to November
    2005 fjr 1300
  5. motu

    motu Loose Pre Unit

    Dec 28, 2001
    New Zealand
    Helmet - KBC
    Jacket - Burke & Wills oilskin
    Pants - jeans with Outback oilskin overpants
    Raingear - see above, I'm wearing it everyday
    Gloves - Orina for summer, winter Spidi or Dririder, Grenade mittens, Rain-offs
    Boots - John Bull work boots
    Merino baselayer, black wool shearers singlet, wool jersey, cotton balaclava
    Bike - 1987 BMW R65
    Commute - 40km each way, rural roads, not much traffic.
    Temps - low 30's to -3c
  6. Balootraveler

    Balootraveler Been here awhile

    May 3, 2009
    mississippi of the west.
    Helmet. Multitec
    Jacket ATS
    Pants tourmaster
    Icon boots
    Zg1000 or KLR
  7. StriderTB

    StriderTB Strudel

    Jun 19, 2012
    The Garden State
    Helmet - Nolan N104 with Sena SMH-10
    Jacket - Klim Badlands Pro Hi-Viz
    Pants - Olympia X-Moto
    Raingear - I wear the Olympia X-Moto rain liner on the outside, works perfectly. I hate underlayer rain gear.
    Gloves - Alpinestars SMX-2 Carbons in the summer, Klim Element short gloves in the spring/fall and when it's raining. Olympia All-Season Windtex gloves when it's colder
    Boots - Sidi Adventure every day
    Bike - 2009 DL650A VStrom
    Commute - 10 miles each way, in beautiful, congested central NJ
    Work - Thankfully my office has a 5 floor parking deck, so I can gear up regardless of the weather. All of my gear fits in my lockable cases, so I leave the overpants, jacket and boots in my Jesse Panniers and my helmet gets locked in my top case. I bring my office shoes with me every morning and just swap them after I park.
  8. Riverguide

    Riverguide Adventurer Supporter

    Dec 18, 2013
    Ontario, Canada
    Hi everyone. My gear is weather dependent. In cooler weather:
    tour master Over pants
    Icon patrol jacket ( which is NOT waterproof contrary to the obvious label on the front. More on that later)
    Astars roam boots. Great purchase. Comfy, waterproof well made
    Astars gantlet gloves. I forget the model
    Upgraded from a shoei trz to a 1200 this spring. Very happy I did.

    In warmer weather I swap out the jacket for an astars perforated leather jacket
    When it approaches 30 I wear the mesh inner jacket from my tour master transitions jacket.

    The only gear Ive bought that I've been disappointed with are the icon patrol jacket pants and gloves. In theory they are great. In use they are not waterproof at all and icon was totally unhelpful as it started to leak after the first year of use. I'm onto the third season and the jacket is falling apart. Literally. POST. I've owned a lot of outdoor gear over the years and this is up there as the poorest made and worst warranty of them all.

    As a result Ive been thinking of upgrading to goretex lined apparel. Recently tried on a few of the 2015 models of klim and while it looks great and appears to be well made the fit is very strange. I'm 5'10. 178 lbs and by no means unusual in build. I'm seriously looking at an aerostich r3 light one piece for the ease of use, waterproof and durable design

    Hope this helps

    Ps I ride a 2014 triumph st3r
  9. OaklandStrom

    OaklandStrom Long timer

    Sep 17, 2005
    East Bay
    Wee Strom
    Oakland to SF - 20 miles (15+ on the freeway, mostly splitting lanes).
    Sidi Adventure, and a pair of shoes at the office.
    Warm n Safe heated jacket.
    Shoei Quest - I'll be getting a Pin Lock for it this month.
    Heated grips.
    3 pairs of gloves - short mesh, long gauntlet lightly vented (don't remember the brand), waterproof FirstGear that will probably be replaced this season because they are so poorly made and falling apart.

    Small tank bag that I put my lunch in.
    Givi top case so I can puck up groceries on the way home.
  10. AllSeasonRider

    AllSeasonRider Wandering, maybe a little lost...

    Feb 20, 2008
    Los Angeles, CA
    My commuting gear isn't much different than my regular riding gear. I generally have to bring along a few 'options', though. For example, this morning it was 40 degrees when I left my house, it will be in the mid-70's when I head home. The same gloves are not gonna work for both trips.

    : HJC RPHA Max - flip up, sun shade, light, quiet. Only drawbacks are I had to cut in my own speaker pockets for my SMH5 (but it's loud enough), and it splashes water on my face somehow when it rains (still haven't figured that out).
    Jacket: Vanson leather - fully perf'd for hot days, partially perf'd with 'air-curtains' to turn the airflow off the rest of the time. I used to wear mesh, but I feel better in the heavy leather.
    Pants: MottoWear kevlar jeans, worn as an overpant. Looking into another kevlar jean with more coverage.
    Suit: Sometimes I'll wear a Joe Rocket Survivor suit. Very warm with the liner in, almost totally waterproof. Haven't worn it in a while, I should give it a try again. I've been thinking about replacing it with another one, they make one with Hi-Viz panels, now. I like it THAT much.
    Boots: Sidi Black Rain Hi-Viz, or TCX X-Rap WP. I wear the TCX if I'm running errands and need to walk around a little but can't change shoes easily.
    Gloves: Alpinestars Archer GoreTex 90% of the time. If it's very hot, I have FirstGear mesh or A* SP-8 leather gloves. If it's cold or rainy, I have Sidici insulated/WP gloves, or Warm & Safe WP heated gloves. I used the heated gloves this morning.
    Luggage: I have a Kriega US20 tail bag that I love, but it's a pain to commute with so it stays home. I use a Kriega R15 backpack and an SW Motech Trail tank bag - holds coffee, lunch, shoes, extra gloves, rain gear, wallet, phone and layers that I don't wear for the ride home.
    Bikes: 2012 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo
    Commute: 11 miles - 15% subruban, 50% interstate with varying traffic levels, 35% urban. I don't take the bike if it's raining when I leave in the morning, and I only sometimes take it if it's going to rain for my ride home (usually if I want to test out WP gear). I went without a car for 4 months a couple years ago during one of the wettest springs/early summers we've had and got burnt out on rain riding. I think it rained on me 4 out of 5 days.
    Location: Albany, NY
  11. BvilleBud

    BvilleBud Been here awhile Supporter

    Sep 23, 2014
    Helmet : Shoei RF1200 with SENA SMH-10

    Jacket: N/A a Aerostich Roadcrafter, Warm & Safe liner in the winter.

    Pants: Jeans. N/A a Aerostich Roadcrafter

    Gloves: Aerostich Elkskin Ropers, Warm & Safe heated in the winter, mesh in the summer heat of the day

    Boots: Chippewa Rally / Jump boots / Wolverine 1000 Mile

    Bikes: 2014 V-Strom usually, Kawi 1600 Classic sometimes, DR650 rarely

    Work: IT
  12. SportBikeTouring

    SportBikeTouring Adventurer

    Feb 13, 2016
    Shaky Ground
    Helmet: Suomy Extreme or SR w/Cardo G9x and noise isolation Monster earbuds
    Jacket: Buco
    Pants: 50/50 NYCO cargo pants
    Suit: BMW Rallye 3
    Boots: BMW Gravel or combat boots
    Gloves: Triumph temperate with thinsulate and Hypora water proof. FIVE summer or GS Pro when its hot
    Luggage: Cortech tank bag and Ducati tail bag, Ogio Mach backpack
    Bikes: Superbikes Ducati/ MV
    Commute: 80 miles each way
  13. AKtiger

    AKtiger Been here awhile

    Mar 25, 2015
    Helmet Nolan n44 with n com b4+
    Suit Aerostich R3
    Gloves Triumph Navigator
    Boots Sidi Adv Gortex
    Luggage Jesse 10" and Givi 42L top case Altrider rack
    Bike Triumph Tiger 800XC

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  14. MZ5

    MZ5 Been here awhile

    Jul 13, 2011
    Arizona, USA
    Commute: 75 miles round trip, rural-->suburban-->urban highway & freeway, at speed, in traffic. ~38F - 120F. I commute on the bike most days, but above ~110 I _really_ don't like it, and I get a lot of static (rightly) about how dangerous it is at such temps. There's normally only about 5 - 10 minutes of slow or even stop-and-go traffic, but it's highly dependent on the day.

    Bike: Honda NC700X, w/heated grips

    : Arai Signet-Q
    Arai Profile (retired)

    Suit: Teiz Lombard (worn out & retired; need a replacement strategy)

    Jacket: KomodoGear Ceno leather race jacket, perforated. This is only good in spring and fall. Flows too much air for both winter and summer here.

    Pants: Joe Rocket leather race pants, perforated.

    Boots: Xpd XP-7 WRS boots. Perforated, CE Level-2 approved

    Gloves: Knox Handroid (new)
    Spidi STR-1 (getting old, but durable)
    VelocityGear Prodigy (retired)

    Cooling strategy: LD Comfort mock turtleneck

    Luggage: Honda factory saddlebags & top box.
  15. AllSeasonRider

    AllSeasonRider Wandering, maybe a little lost...

    Feb 20, 2008
    Los Angeles, CA
    I wore my 1-peice suit for the first time in a long today... it's been nothing but heavy leathers, I forgot how easy it is to move in textiles, definitely ups the comfort factor big time.

    I'm relocating to SoCal soon, so I'm interested in what people from similar climates are doing. We'll be going to a 1-car household when we get there, so my commuting routine won't change too drastically, but I'll probably want to pick up a pair of riding jeans (not as overpants, as I'm using mine now) and boots that can pass as a casual shoe for running errands, meeting people out for dinner, etc and not need to even worry about bring a change of clothes with me.
  16. MZ5

    MZ5 Been here awhile

    Jul 13, 2011
    Arizona, USA
    If SoCal means Bakersfield to Barstow (I assume not, but I'm not a Californian so IDK), then look to the southern AZ crowd for gear suggestions. If SoCal means beach-front, it's a _totally_ different environment. I assume not that, either, because if you can afford to live actually _at_ the beach, you can afford to buy one of everything and try it yourself. ;-)
  17. AllSeasonRider

    AllSeasonRider Wandering, maybe a little lost...

    Feb 20, 2008
    Los Angeles, CA
    HA! True. Will be LA area, no idea yet how close my abode or vocation will be.
  18. BobPS

    BobPS Been here awhile

    Sep 14, 2012
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    This is pretty much how I dress when commuting (my wife snapped this a couple of days ago as I was getting ready to leave for office): BMW Airflo pants, a Harley jacket with Forcefield built-in elbow and shoulder armors, Arai helmet and Vendramini New York boots. underneath I wear base layer pants and running t-shirt. I don't wear the same jacket and pants more than a week, I always wash my jacket and pants once a week and wear my other jacket and pants.

    My dress pants, dress shirt, t-shirt and dress socks are in the Kriega US-20 and change in the office.

  19. Mastery

    Mastery Mr. Funny Man

    Mar 25, 2011
    Hoosier Daddy?
    That's some dedication to clean and fresh right there!
  20. Travman

    Travman Been here awhile

    Aug 19, 2010
    Marietta, GA
    A Harley jacket worn on a Ducati......when worlds collide!