Hello commuters, what is your gear ?

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  1. SVTNate

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    Sep 14, 2015
    Orange County, CA
    Orange County and LA County commuting, generally speaking nighttime lows in the winter of 45 degrees, up to 100 degrees in the summer.

    Winter gear

    Jacket - Rev It! Roamer leather jacket from their "Urban" collection. Liner in, most of the winter

    Pants - Drayko or Bull It! motorcycle jeans

    Helmet - Shoei GT-Air

    Boots - Stylmartin Oxford, thick wool socks

    Gloves - Held Air N Dry (in the Gore-Tex chamber), or I have a cheap pair of Tour Master winter gloves that are thicker and warmer for when I ride at night

    Summer gear - change gloves and jacket, that's it. New jacket is a kevlar mesh from Motoport. Summer gloves are Held Airstream II's, which are also my spring and fall gloves. I haven't tried the Air N Dry in summer temps yet, just got those gloves, so we'll see how they perform this year.

    I am looking for a riding boot or shoe for summer, because the Stylmartins have a waterproof liner that makes them warm.

    I also have a Firstgear Kilimanjaro, but I may sell it. Great jacket, but I think my new Motoport will perform better in the summer, and my Rev It! is warm enough for winter while looking good off the bike.
  2. dbg326

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    Apr 6, 2011
    Stratham NH
    Location: Seacoast NH, with a commute jumping the border into Kittery, ME. Typically don't commute on the bike unless the low temps are projected to be above freezing, unless there hasn't been any precipitation. Typical year round temps range from about 0-95F. Haven't had much experience in the hot weather yet, so take that for what it's worth.

    Work: Retail Team Leader

    -Helmet: HJC CL16, with a Pinlock insert

    -BMG Montana (leather)- Love this jacket- heavy, supple leather, classic style, with the added bonus of Knox armor all-round. I'm comfortable down to about 40 degrees with a fleece sweatshirt underneath.
    -Triumph ISDT (textile)- Picked this up on closeout as a cold-weather option (zero venting whatsoever). Waterproof shell (no WP liners to fuss around with was key) Also has Knox armor, and with the included full-sleeve liner, I'm comfortable down to about 30F in just a T-shirt.
    -Dainese Air-Frame (mesh)- No real experience with this one yet.

    -Rukka Fuel GTX- Quite a fan of these thus far, as they fit well, have D30 armor in the knees/shins, as well as hips, and are full GTX. I can get away with wearing training/basketball shorts underneath, and simply slipping these over them. One perk of working retail I suppose. I am slightly skeptical as to how these will do in the warmer months.
    -Hood MC Jeans- Picked these up for the full kevlar coverage, and a very understated look. I do need to get mine hemmed, as I forgot to specify my inseam when ordering. Typically I'll combine these with Forcefield Grid knee armor if I'm going to be on and off the bike a lot (re- errands).

    -BMG Thermosport- full gauntlet winter gloves with hard protection in areas. Not great control feel compared to my other options, although that is to be expected.
    -Rukka Apollo- if I had to choose only one set of gloves (again take that for what it's worth), it'd be these. Shorter gauntlet than the BMG's, and not insulated; but are full GoreTex.
    -Dainese Sickle- short-cuff glove, perf leather on the back of the hand. Typically my go-to above 60 or so degrees.

    -Boots: Forma Voyage- waterproof touring style, no real complaints aside from the compromises in protection that come from a touring boot

    I would like to add a set of summer pants, as well as a warmer weather textile jacket.
  3. Zortose

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    Oct 28, 2008
    Just North of Detroit
    20 mile commute each way year road in Southeast Michigan unless the roads are icy. Temps range from muggy 90s to single digits.

    DMD Racer helmet
    Goggles, clear lens
    Burke and Wills wax cotton jacket
    Jeans, with wax cotton over pants for foul weather
    Stich combat tour boots
    Elkskin roper gloves from home depot

    All of this works on and off the bike. I've tried a few textile jackets and hate them.
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  4. BobPS

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    Sep 14, 2012
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    LOL...I rode Sportster for 10 years, so...
    But other than Harley open face helmet that I have, it's the only apparel (?) I have that has Harley Davidson written on it.. I don't have HD t-shirt or shirt or sticker or whatever. Just like today I don't have Ducati or Husky t-shirt or shirt...but I do have BMW pants, even though I don't have the bike:D
  5. Flyinace1

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    May 7, 2012
    So Cal
    For the most part California day temps can reach above 100 degrees in the summer and like 60s in the winter. Night time can get down to high 30s on the coldest nights. I have a winter set up and summer setup, mostly because I ride a lot in the coldest part of the night (early start time at work)
  6. sbn

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    Jan 23, 2007
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Location: Copenhagen Denmark, I ride 10 months a year.

    Helmet: Airoh S5 white with either a contour roam2 or garmin virb action cam attached to it. Filming on the commute is mainly for insurance in case of an accident.

    Jacket and pants: Pharao summer suit. It has no waterproof or thermal liner. I wear insulating clothes underneath when cold and/or a no name rain suit over when it raining.

    Gloves: No name summer gloves.

    Boots: Jolly touring boots. Not that good and currently looking for new ones.

    I bring my "normal" clothes in my The North Face Base Camp bag size S. I have shower and changing facilities at work.

    Bike: As of april 2016 its a 2009 Honda XL 1000 Varadero.
  7. Duljan

    Duljan Adventurer

    Apr 8, 2014
    Location; Karlshamn, Sweden.

    Helmet; Airoh S5.

    Jacket and pants; Flying Eagle somethingsomething for cold days or when I'm in a hurry, otherwise I use a Fox protective vest underneath my Analog snowboardjacket and a pair of cargo pants.

    Gloves; Lindstrands Opal (I think), or a pair of Flying Eagle somethingsomething for cold days.

    Boots; TCX Track EVO

    Keeping my eyes open for some summerpants with proper protection(Klim XC-pants looking good!) and a pair of googles, other than that I'm pretty pleased with what I've got.
  8. imjustin

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    Mar 11, 2014
    Location: Singapore
    Riding 365 days a year, 80% to college, 20% leisure

    Helmet: AGV K3 & Bell MX9 Adventure (w/ Sena SMH5)
    Jacket: Alpinestars Luc Air Mesh with back Protector
    Pants: Jeans or cargo pants
    Boots: Alpinestars Joey WP
    Gloves: Alpinestars Leather GXP (can't remember)
    Waterproofing: RS Taichi Drymaster raincoat
    Bike: Honda NX4 Falcon
  9. CDA441

    CDA441 Belgian

    Dec 11, 2014
    West-Flanders, Belgium
    Location: Belgium
    Also riding all year around, and also being a cheapskate, 70% college, 20% work, 10% leisure.
    Commute is about 68km return trip.

    Helmet: HJC IS-Max 2 (Sena 3S + Sony HDR-AZ1)
    Jacket: Modeka raid (allweather), Roleff Safetec (pouring rain), IXS Airmesh Evo 2 (hot days)
    Pants: IXS Nima EVO (allweather), Modeka Breeze (hot days) (and 2x Roleff Essen as reserve)
    Boots: Gianni Falco Mixto ATV (allweather), Gianni Falco Juke (hot days)
    Gloves: Modeka Winter Tour (allweather), IXS Talura (hot days)
    Additional protection: Polisport Spider roost guard/chest and backprotector

    Bike: Suzuki XF650 Freewind diy ADV spec
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  10. dietDrThunder

    dietDrThunder Why so serious, son? Supporter

    Jul 29, 2009
    Nashville, TN
    I am a huge gear whore, but I'm also a fat ass, so I wasn't ever able to buy an Aerostich. Then, over the last while I've lost a 9 year old boy worth of weight, so I finally bought one. I could fund the next Grecian economic bailout with the money I've spent on gear in my life, and I'm here to tell ya, if you commute, and don't have one of these things, get one, and get the R3. Everything else I've ever worn seems sad and lame in comparison. Fully waterproof, nicely protective, comfortable, and unparalleled convenience. I'm still not even good at it, and I can put it on over my street clothes in under 15 seconds.

    Side mention: for those of you who wear jeans, check out the Sliders Kevlar jeans (they have cargo pants too) at Competition Accessories. Super thick and soft, really comfortable, and hugely more Kevlar coverage than any others I've seen. Don't bother with the knee armor; it's small and doesn't stay put. Instead, spend $20 on a pair of dirt riding knee/shin guards. They fit under these jeans very easily and are solid protection in a get-off (don't ask me how I know).
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  11. BvilleBud

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    Sep 23, 2014
    Summer is in full swing, so the roadcrafter is spending more time in the closet; switching over to REV'IT Fly 2 gloves, Wolverine 1000 Mile boots, Joe Rocket mesh jacket & pants.
  12. OdyBandit

    OdyBandit Long timer

    Apr 5, 2014
    Central Illinois
    4 mile commute,central Illinois
    summer: klim induction, my regular carhart work pants and boots, Farm and Fleet deer skin gloves, Bell open face helmet.
    Spring and Fall: klim overland jacket Bmw overpants, Farm and Fleet lined deerskin gloves, Bell open face helmet with balaclava, work boots with rubber overshoes.
  13. mac inger

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    Oct 30, 2010
    Los Angeles - Chicago
    Was googling advrider for rain commuter gear and ran across this thread :) Forgot all about it. Lets see if it's resurrectable.

    Moved cross country to Chicago and getting used to the moody weather here - it's like the outbursts of a crazy ex - so the whole commuting gear question is back up for me.

    Any input from east coast/cold/rain weather commuting inmates?
    Jacket/pants with a rain suit in the case? Or fully waterproof jacket/pants and don't deal with an overgear suit? Aerostitch?
  14. V-Tom

    V-Tom Long timer

    Aug 26, 2006
    Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
    Aerostich (now R3) commuting in temperatures from the high 90's f down to 0f. Rain or shine, just avoid when there is risk of ice or snow on the roads .Layers depend on the temperature.

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  15. Babbitt

    Babbitt Vermin wannabe Supporter

    Mar 22, 2010
    Group W Bench
    Been committing since the early 90's in Minneapolis. I have never found anything better than Aerostich. You really do ride more when you get in the habit of just wearing it. I wear a suit every day to work so need to arrive clean and professional. It does not matter what the weather is doing, just put on the Aerostich and arrive at work clean and dry. I commute in everything short of ice and snow on the road. I do have a set of mesh gear but almost never use it.
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  16. BioStrom

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    Jul 1, 2011
    Mountains of Maryland
    Update from my 2014 post on page 6:

    I commute 30 miles one way, half asphalt two lane country road and either more of the same or half interstate depending on time restictions. This is year round except for days with ice/snow/salt on the road.

    Helmet: Shoei RF 1100 - very quiet, no ear plugs and a Schampa neck gaiter when cold

    Jackets: from hot to cold - Rukka Goretex Mesh Cordura, Aether Expedition, Rukka Cordura Stretch w/Outlast liner

    Pants: First Gear mesh hypertext overpant, Aether Expedition pants, First Gear hypertex insulated overpant

    Gloves: Revit mesh, Five RFX 4 ST, Alpinestars Gore Tex, Cabelas gore-tex primaloft gauntlet

    Shoes: Oxtar gore-tex touring boots (don’t think they will ever wear out!)

    Weather dictates what mix of gear I wear for the day. I keep other shoes and pants at the office to change into. The Givi Trekker top case on my 2012 Vstrom 650 provides space for my laptop and lunch on my way to work or for grocery pickup on my way home.
  17. thirdofthree

    thirdofthree Adventurer

    May 30, 2016
    Highland Park, IL
    I don't commute in Chicago, but I do ride a Vstrom 650 in the Chicago area as my primary vehicle. Chicago has pretty severe weather extremes, so finding a suitable single set of all-year gear is challenging.*

    Spring / Summer / Fall:
    • Motoport Marathon Air Mesh Jacket & Pants.
    • Add interior jacket liner for cooler spring & fall days, and on rare occasions the pants liner.
    • For rain, I use either Motoport's waterproof jacket & pants liners, or exterior overgear (Frogg Toggs) depending on my mood (I find the interior liners are a PITA to change into mid-ride, though I don't have to do it very often).
    • Summer's are way too hot & humid for ME to be comfortable in my Aerostich RoadCrafter (or any gear with integral waterproof membrane), so I relegate my nearly 20+ yo RC to winter duty.
    • Aerostich RoadCrafter, with Warm & Safe heated liner, and additional layers, if necessary.
    • Kolpin Geartector handlebar mitts (keeps all the wind off my hands and offers a bit of insulation) + heated grips. I find I don't need for more warmth for local riding up to an hour or so. If I did longer than an hour regularly, I might opt for heated gloves or glove liners, maybe even heated pants liners.
    * I could probably get by with just the Motoport gear for winter, but I find the interior pants liners a PITA. If I didn't already have the RC, I'd probably suck it up and just use the pants liners, or get a pair of Motoport Cordura or Aerostich Darien or similar pants to wear with the Motport mesh jacket / liner / insulated liner / Warm & Safe heated liner to get me through the winter.

    NFW am I willing to go through a Chicago summer with just an Aerostich, though I suffered through many similar summers commuting in Cleveland with just the Aerostich. Ugh...can't believe it did it for so many years, was a huge mistake not getting mesh gear sooner.
  18. onecartel

    onecartel n00b

    May 10, 2011
    Helmet : Arai Vector 2
    Jacket: Summer - Alpinestars GP Plus (2011, perf leather). Other seasons - Alpinestars Megaton v1. Both with chest + back protector inserts. High viz Frogg Toggs if it's wet.
    Pants: Normally jeans (bad...) otherwise Alpinestars Valparaiso 2. Frog Toggs ontop if its wet, can't be bothered to put in the WP liner in my pants.
    Gloves: Dry - Five RXF1. Wet/cold - Knox Zero.
    Boots: Dry - Alpinestars SMX1 short boots or Alpinestars SMX5s (if I'm wearing riding pants). Wet - Alpinestars Ridge waterproof boots.
    Bikes: CB500X, sometimes Yamaha Vino 2t.
    Commute: 30km round trip. Either city traffic or highway traffic. Toronto..
    Work: Some kind of consultant.
  19. Lajbi

    Lajbi Been here awhile

    Mar 11, 2016
    Budapest, Hungary
    Helmet: Caberg X-TRACE + alpine motosafe tour ear plugs
    Jacket+pants: Akito Desert. above 25C just outer shell. 10-25C: waterproof liner, below 10C: thermal liner too
    Rain suit: Acerbis Logo - just for heavy rain
    Gloves: Modeka Sahara Short + in case of emergency: Vanucci Windmaster underneath gloves, and one for winter (waterproof, thinsulate, etc)
    Boots: TCX track evo
    Bike: Honda NX650 Dominator '93, heated grips.
    Commute: 2x30km , village, 10km highway, main city (Budapest :)
    Work: change pants at work, IT engineer.
  20. AllSeasonRider

    AllSeasonRider Wandering, maybe a little lost...

    Feb 20, 2008
    Los Angeles, CA
    Some things have changed since I recently moved from Upstate NY to SoCal:
    Helmet : HJC RPHA Max
    Jacket: Dianese Super Speed Textile D-Dry (removable liner, some mesh panels, so it handles a wide temp range)
    Pants: Dainese Over Flux D-Dry (overpant with full length leg zippers - a little light on abrasion resistance, but decent armor, same liner/mesh situation as above)
    Gloves: Alpinestars Archer Gore Tex, or Alpinestars GP Air (depending on morning temps)
    Boots: Sidi Black Rain or Alpinestars Corozal (depends on which bike I take - SIDIs are too small for the KTM controls, A* too big for the Duc)
    Bikes: KTM 1090 Adventure R, Ducati Monster 1100 Evo
    Commute: 2 miles each way, but more often I take the long way to work (5 miles) and the longer way home (20 miles).
    Work: Desk job, business casual dress