Hello commuters, what is your gear ?

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  1. White mt guy

    White mt guy Long timer

    Jan 20, 2016
    100 mile commute every day, eight to ten months out of the year.
    Two piece Hein Gericke leather sport touring jacket and pants.
    Helite air vest
    Stylmartin legend boots
    Tourmaster winter elite gloves for the am.
    Cortech Latigo gloves for when it warms up
    Helmets change depending on the weather. AGV, Bell, Gmax.
    Never bring rain gear, although I own some, somewhere.
    Work. Furniture maker/custom wood interiors
  2. LarryGS

    LarryGS Been here awhile Supporter

    Feb 10, 2003
    Boulder, Colorado
    Helmet: Schuberth C3 Pro w/ Cardo speaker business for tunes/phone.
    Jacket - 10 yr old Motoport Kevlar
    Pants - 10 year old Motoport Kevlar
    Gloves: mostly Aerostich elkskin roper on right, left hand has a Head glove from Costco w/ phone useable fingertip. Winter gloves for colder temps
    Boots - Gaerne oiled - forgot the name, or ankle high hiking boots

    75 mi. round trip, leave home about 5:30 a.m., leave work promptly at 4:00p.m.
    I try to commute in every month.
    Boulder, CO - SW Denver.
    Social Worker at State of CO inpatient psychiatric hospital
  3. islandtosh

    islandtosh Been here awhile

    Sep 30, 2015
    OC/LA, CA, US
    I commute 35 miles each way, between coastal Orange County and South Los Angeles. Typically on the road around 6-7 am, and again 3-4 pm. I take the bike >90% of the time. All temps noted below are in Farenheit. Work is generally khaki's or jeans, with polos or short-sleeve button downs shirts.
    Helmet: Shoei RF-1200. I'd love a photochromic visor but haven't put down the $ for one yet. I'll use an Under Armor balaclava in coldest weather, or the hottest weather after I've soaked it with water.
    Gloves: Scorpion Klaw 2 (short-cuff) or Alpinestars SP2 (gaunlet). I have glove liners for when temps are 50(ish)-60(ish), and heated glove liners for when it gets below 50.
    Jackets: Dainese Aspide Textile, Revit Intercept Jacket (only if the high temp for the day stays in the low 70's), (sometimes) Alpinestars GP Plus R perforated leather. Supplemented by either a water-/windproof layer or a fleece-lined softshell over top or a hoodie underneath during colder temps, or an evaporative cooling vest during when temps get to the upper 90's and up.
    Boots: Fly M21 or TCX X-Street Ace (Fly's flow air better), Motocentric waterproof boots during the coldest days.
    Pants: Olympia Airglide 4 if I use normal pants, or Knox Richmond or Scorpion Covert Pro jeans.
  4. DMack_762

    DMack_762 Been here awhile

    Jul 31, 2018
    Dunedin, FL
    In searching for a good pair of daily wear / commuting gloves, google gave me this thread. I know it's been dormant for a while, but it is still relevant. I am a daily rider, Mon to Fri and on weekends two up with my wife, if we are not in the woods, or on the boat. My daily commute (rain or shine) is approximately 80 miles round trip, give or take. It all depends on if I take the long way home. My bike just begs me to ride her... anyway, I'm Military so my work uniform stays in my office in my locker. I get to work, change out of my ride kit, dress for PT, shower, change into work attire. When I leave, I put my ride gear back on and ride home. Under my jacket / pants is T shirt and Boxers / Long socks.

    Helmet: Shoei Hornet X2
    Shield: Dark with Pin Loc insert (Clear is in my top box on my bike for rain / getting caught at night)
    Comms: Sena 30K wired with boom mike in the Shoei lid, fits well, sounds great, does not play well with my 2019 BMW TFT (GS Adventure)
    Jacket: Klim Badlands Pro (Hi Viz)
    Airbag: Helite Turtle Vest 2.0 (Hi Viz)
    Gloves: Five 5 Evo Advanced "Stunt" gloves (short cuff) - more of an off road glove, would not want to test in a get-off. Looking for gauntlet style now.
    Pants: Klim Badlands Pro
    Boots: Alpinestar Roam 2 WP

    The weak spot on my gear is my gloves. This I know. I'm on the hunt for daily wear / gauntlet style gloves.

    Being in the Tampa, FL area, it's hot, REAL hot in the summer, and super humid. However, I will not throw a leg over the bike without the above listed gear. I'd rather sweat a LOT than bleed a LITTLE. So far, the above listed gear is awesome, even in the Florida torrential rain. 55719208_728914187506070_7482323910034194432_n.jpg
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  5. dceggert

    dceggert Been here awhile

    May 22, 2006
    Metro Detroit - almost like offroad riding
    I have been commuting about 1/2 the time to work (26.5 miles one way through downtown Detroit) from April until sometime in November since 1993 so, a while now. My bikes have been a 1988 BMW K75S, replaced with a 1994 K1100 LT, replaced with a 1999 Ultra Classic, replaced with a 2005 R1200GS, replaced with a 2006 K1200GT (still have), and augmented with a 2018 Ultra Limited. So, what I wear is predicated on the use behind a fairing/windshield for quite some time now. The evolution continues but this snapshot in time it is:

    Helmet - Shark Evo One v2 - it flips from a full face for cold or rainy weather to a 3/4 for hot stuff.
    Jacket - TourMaster that is so old the armor is out of it, the zipper pulls have been replaced with paper clips, and it is safety yellow with closable venting for warm summer commutes. On cooler days about 50 F or below I put a fleece zip up sweatshirt on under the jacket.
    Pants - TourMaster overpants for wet or cold weather. They usually go on over my jeans at about 50 F, are good down to about 28 F (I stop riding at 35 though due to prior incidents in the work parking lot with frosty parking areas), and also go on if it is raining.
    Gloves - I wore a set of leather work gloves from Sam's Club until recently; they are the closest thing to my old patrolman gloves I could find that I can no longer order. Easy to slip on, easy to take off, and very comfy to wear. I am now trying out a set of "100%" waterproof gloves and I am pretty happy with them so far. I got a set of the regulars ones and the ones for cold weather. Much warmer than my usual stuff but both bikes have heated grips and fairings to block the wind so, yea, I am spoiled.
    Boots - waterproof, slip-proof, all-day comfortable Carhart work boots with plastic toe protectors (need them in the plant anyway).
    Bikes - I interchange the K1200GT and the Ultra Limited depending on how I feel.
    Work - Engineer. I get to wear jeans and a polo shirt everyday so that helps!

    Hope this helps!
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  6. Tor

    Tor Imported Norwegian

    Nov 27, 2005

    Shoei Hornet X2
    Klim Badlands top / bottom
    Warm n Safe heated top / bottom
    Klim winter gloves
    TCX Infinity boots


    Shoei Hornet X2
    Klim Induction Jacket
    Klim Mojave (outside the boot) Pants
    Klim Mojave or Held Gloves
    TCX Infinity boots
  7. Fatguyinalittlecoat

    Fatguyinalittlecoat Tommy Constantino

    Jan 20, 2019
    Acworth, GA
    Any issue with Airglide burning on exhaust pipe?
  8. commo_soulja

    commo_soulja Supa Thumpa Pilot

    Jun 19, 2005
    Aerostich R3 one piece, Shoei Hornet, Oxtar Infinity boots, Revit guantlet gloves for most of the year.

    Delete the Aerostich and Hornet during summer for Alpinestars Santa Fe mesh jacket, Klim Outrider pants and Fox or TLD dirt lid for the summer. The summers here in the Mid Atlantic can suck.
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  9. ucav 117

    ucav 117 PNW

    Oct 7, 2011
    San Diego, CA
    Currently living in San Diego and commuting 30mi round trip on an Aprilia Futura.

    Helmet: Scorpion AT-950 w/Mirrored Shield and Sena 20 using wired earbuds for sound.

    Gloves: Dainese X-Run

    Usually just wearing my NWU's and boots. If I am riding for fun then I am usually riding with the above gear plus:

    X-Tourer jacket and pants

    Boots: Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex
  10. JR356

    JR356 Long timer

    May 4, 2005
    Way out West
    Not a regular commuter,but when I do I wear hi viz Arai XD4,Motoport Stretch Kevlar jacket/pants,Held 2 in 1 gloves or BMW GS Dry gloves,BMW Goretex or Daytona Spirit XCR Goretex boots.
    This in Central CA where it rarely rains.The Motoport gear will shed light to medium rain,carry rain liners in side boxes just in case.
    Commute to medical center is 10 miles on cross town freeway,so rarely worthwhile to gear up and do the ride.
    Only big benefit is I can park a lot closer if on the bike.
    Also lucky I have a small office space to store gear.

  11. rogue1970

    rogue1970 Its better to burn out then fade away

    Jun 15, 2011
    Good thread. Live in SoCal, so riding year round is possible. Chance of rain from Dec - Mar, so no great need for rain gear yet. Been riding for many years.

    • Work: IT Supervisor - team of developers (mainframe and current technology)
    • Bike: 2017 Z900 (naked) - Oxford Umbratex cover while at work
    • Commute: 7mi one way all surface streets
    • Helmet: Icon Airflite Battlescar 2. 2 months old. Replaced: 2002 Arai Profile Sinister
    • EarPlugs: PilotStuff Race Ears plugged into comm. 3 yrs old.
    • Comms: Sena 20s. 3yrs old.
    • Jacket: Motoport Marathon Stretch Jacket. Bought used. Replaced: Kawasaki Jacket - rain jacket.
    • Pants: Duluth trading Firehose Flex pants BAD. Thinking about Motoport Mesh or Kevlar pants
    • Gloves: Armored gauntlet unknown brand. 5yrs old. Upgrading to Motoport Kevlar Racing Gauntlets?
    • Boots: Sedici half boots. 10yrs old. Upgrading to Sedici full boots?

    Glove pics:

  12. DMack_762

    DMack_762 Been here awhile

    Jul 31, 2018
    Dunedin, FL
    Update on my gear:

    Taking delivery of some Daytona Road Star GTX boots today. They are out for delivery!!! Will post pics when I get home.
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  13. DMack_762

    DMack_762 Been here awhile

    Jul 31, 2018
    Dunedin, FL
    Update on my daily commuting gear. I just bought some Daytona Road Star GTX boots, Klim Induction (Hi-Viz) Jacket and Klim Voyage Air pants. I had been riding in my Klim Badlands Pro Jacket / Pants set, but it's getting WAY too hot here in the Tampa, FL area for that set. I wear a Helite Turtle Vest (airbag) and even though the Badlands Pro has tons of vents, I was over heating.

    I must say, the new Klim Induction Jacket and Voyage Air pants were the ticket. I still have the D30 armor, but wow, now the air flow is amazing. I can't say enough good things about the Daytona Road Star GTX boots. Worlds different than the Alpinestars Roam 2 WP boots I was wearing.
  14. Tarmac Kid

    Tarmac Kid Doesn't Like Stuff

    Dec 29, 2012
    NE TN
    Damn! I now have a one way 60 mile commute and am looking for a 2018 Gold Wing. I feel like a little bitch knowing you are out there riding a thumper. Respect.
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  15. rogue1970

    rogue1970 Its better to burn out then fade away

    Jun 15, 2011
    Another gear update. Been riding with the updated list for the last 3 months thru SoCal's summer.
    • Jacket - Motoport Kevlar Stretch
    • Pants - Motoport Air Mesh
    • Boots - TCX EVO Gore-Tex
    Jacket and pants were purchased used thru the market. Jacket has yellow high-viz and matching air mesh elbows. Pants have gray reflective strips. This gear flows the most air I've ever experienced. Its almost like riding without protection. On 90+ days, I will sweat a little at stops, but it really is like AC when you start rolling again.

    The TCX boots are more on the touring line, so not as protective as some of the more armored options out there.

    I'm very happy with my gear. While I look like a LEO or fireman while riding, I do notice the cagers giving me more room to split lanes..... not a bad thing. At 49, protection was highest priority over style, so the Motoport was the perfect choice. While researching my options, I could of purchased new Klim gear for the same amount that I paid for my used Motoport gear. I made the right decision for me.
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  16. Stasher1

    Stasher1 Been here awhile

    Jul 24, 2013
    Lilburn, GA
    6 year update

    My daily commute is about 25 miles roundtrip just a bit outside of Atlanta, so I spend a good bit of my ride home in fairly heavy traffic. I ride year-round, but despise riding in the rain. When it rains, I'm in the truck.;)

    Bike: 2003 Honda ST1300 with a Givi V46 trunk, SlipGrip phone mount on a RAM arm, and a custom master cylinder bracket for my Sena SM10 and cheap FM radio/mp3 player.

    Helmet: LS2 Arrow for warm weather and an LS2 Strobe modular with a dual pane shield for the winter. I have a Sena SMH10R installed in each one for my music, gps, and occasional phone call.

    Jacket: Klim Induction in hi-viz for the warm weather and Firstgear Kenya for the winter. I have a handful of other jackets too, but these are the only two that really see any use. I have various fleece layers for winter, if necessary.

    Pants: Typically jeans in the warmer months and Firstgear HT in the winter over my jeans and base layer.

    Boots: Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 I have a pair of Dainese TR Course Out as well, but they're not the most comfortable to commute in. I may pick up something a little taller than the Big Bangs this winter.

    Gloves: Klim Induction for warmer weather, Scorpion TSW for moderate cold, and a pair of insulated leather Harley gauntlets for when it's really cold. I also slap on a pair of plastic hand guards to keep the wind off my knuckles. I've got a pair of PowerMadd gauntlets sitting in the garage that I may get around to using one of these days.

    I keep a bunch of misc cold weather gear in the trunk and left pannier (balaclavas, glove liners, neck buff, spare gloves, etc)
  17. SWILL

    SWILL Been here awhile

    Mar 1, 2011
    New Freedom, PA
    36 mile (one-way) commute to Baltimore area on a BMW R1200GS. 328ix if it's below freezing, I have to travel to meetings, or if I hit the snooze button too many times.

    Aerostich R3 suit. Keeps the necktie from flapping in the breeze.
    HJC IS-17 helmet. Hoping to upgrade to Schuberth C3 Pro.
    Sidi All Road boots. I keep a pair of dress shoes at work.
    BMW GS Dry gloves. Alpinestars SMX-2 AC gloves in the side case if it's really hot. And latex and silk liners if it gets really cold.
  18. Shaolin

    Shaolin Been here awhile

    Dec 9, 2013
    71-80 mile round trip commute in New Jersey. Country roads for 70% of the ride at 50-60mph and 45 mph and below for the rest (urban and suburban). BMW C Evolution electric scooter or BMW K1600GTL.

    Boots: Timberland chelsea boots or Keen work boots
    Pants: Jeans or twill pants
    Knee armor: Bilt strap on armor
    Gloves: Vanson perforated engineer or Knox Orsa (dry hot) or Knox Covert (cool/wet) or Sliders winter gloves
    Jacket: Macna Geo or BMW/Kushitani leather-mesh jacket when hot and dry
    Shoei RF1100 helmet