Hello from Mexico City

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  1. Vecchiobipede

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    Aug 2, 2019
    México city
    Hi! I`m Andrea, I`m Italian but I live in Mexico city. My adventures are almost only "urban" even if streets in Mexico City sometimes can look like singletracks ;)
    I ride a G310Gs and a Yamaha SZrr as a backup (like when local BMW agency takes one month just to change a battery under warranty) :D
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  2. 88Marine

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    Mar 5, 2015
    Chapel Hill, TN.
    Hello Andrea and welcome to the forum. I had the opportunity last October to ride in Mexico. Galeana, Real de Catorce, and San Miguel de Alende were the towns I visited. Unfortunately my transmission failed on my old BMW 1150 GS and my ride was cut short. I would like to visit Mexico again when the opportunity presents itself. Though many years have passed, I've also had the opportunity to visit Italy. Brindisi, Bari, Naples, and Trieste. Again, welcome to the forum.