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Hello (New Zero Rider.)

Discussion in 'Electric Motorcycles' started by Santa Bob, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Santa Bob

    Santa Bob n00b

    Sep 15, 2020
    Fredericksbur, VA
    Hello, I'm a relatively new rider period (just licensed in May 2020) Took the 2 day MRC as a way to support my 18 year old and help make sure he stays out of trouble and of course some Father/Son Bonding... He purchased a 2017 Suzuki SV650 ABS, our course was a Classic Iron in Fredericksburg, VA (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Nicest folks you could meet - definitely not "used car salesman" they want you on a bike you'll ride!). I purchased a 2012 V-Star (Yamaha) 1300 with all the upgrades to make it similar to a tourer (Cobra Pipes, Windshield, leather bags, since added the Cobra Black Powr FI Controller - highly recommended as well if you have cobra pipes.). I normally drive a 2018 Tesla M3 Dual Motor/FSD/LR. My son tells me there are electric Motorcycles, so I start researching. Contacted the Zero dealer in VA - not so friendly, then CycleMax in Gaithersburg, MD - Great people! for a test ride on a 2020 SRS. I WAS HOOKED, but didn't have the sheckles until late Sept. Then two weeks ago was perusing FB Marketplace and found a 2016 Zero SR with PowerTank for a GREAT price - within 75 miles of my home. Stormy weather the day my son and I went to test ride/purchase. no-joy, purchased the bike but alas no test ride. Had it inspected the next day - only challenge was the brake fluid needed changed otherwise GREAT Bike. My son rode it home from the inspection, I rode it the next day for 50 miles and another trip last night for 50 miles - SO MUCH FUN. A fellow FF/Medic rides a Ducati 620 (I think the monster.) and can't wait to ride my Zero, and said If I decide to sell - to let him know, he now wants one. I'm currently upgrading the lights to LED to reduce Electric Consumption - I'm bigger and every bit counts. I think my overall normal range (for my riding style) will be around 100-120 miles per charge. Fun - Usually just weekend rides - nothing as "adventuresome" as I've read about on here.
  2. phreakingeek

    phreakingeek Big Ear Inc - Virginia Provider Super Supporter

    Sep 17, 2010
    Hey Santa Bob, welcome!

    We're practically neighbors...i'm in Stafford and ride all over the place.

    Hopefully see you out enjoying the fun back country roads before it gets too cold.
  3. Rider68

    Rider68 Been here awhile

    Mar 3, 2020
    Cleveland OH
    Congrats on coming to the dark side. My needs are more modest so the 7.2kWh battery in my FXS suffices for around town.
  4. smdub

    smdub Been here awhile

    Oct 5, 2017