Helmet as carry on?

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    I have flown domestically and internationally with my helmet in a helmet bag. Overhead compartment, no problem. As recently as October 2017. Shoei full face GT Air.
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    I used to officiate road racing where we would go out on motorcycles to monitor the race. I had to fly with my gear and helmet all the time. I'd many times ride to the airport on my bike, park in the motorcycle parking area, then go through security with my moto gear on and helmet in my duffel bag, and get on the plane. Never had one issue. At the tail end of me doing this, I had the "Trusted Traveler Pre-Check" Federal clearance, so I would just walk through the security line with my moto jacket on.

    It's not an issue. As long as whatever you want to bring on the plane fits in the overhead or under the seat, and as long as the item is not on the Federal Banned Item list, you are OK.

    As far as how I'd carry the helmet, it would be in a backpack along with a change of clothes and toiletries. I'd stuff the inside of the helmet with clean clothes or a plastic zip-locked toiletry bag so that I would not be wasting precious backpack space. The backpack was large enough to put in my moto jacket and pants if I wanted to change into jeans and a light jacket at the airport men's room. I credit this job for teaching me how to travel ultra-light. Just a backpack and a laptop bag from Hawaii to Florida and all parts in-between.

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    Flew to Lisbon last year and had a backpack and my helmet as carry on. On the way down to Portugal the usual circus of stuffing the overhead bins with oversize bags and cases got the flight attendants a bit grumpy...:devildog
    I offered them to take my helmet out but it was "to late"(to much stuff in front of it) They had to use the crew lockers for the last passenger items.
    On the return trip I immediately when entering the plane informed them of my carry on helmet and if necessary they could put in the locker in the front. They said yes straight away, thanked me for the offer and put it in with their own stuff. When landed one of the flight attendants delivered the helmet to me holding it like it was a suitcase full of money! Nothing but smiles and good services on the return trip.:-):norton Lesson learned!
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    Since most of my moto travel flights are overseas: Helmet: remove face shield and slip something soft over it, replace on helmet. I put all my small electronics (GPS, iPod, Sena, chargers, etc) in a soft bag (to protect the face shield) and put that INSIDE my helmet. Helmet goes in padded helmet bag in my small over the shoulder packpack (carry-on #1). Computer and such go in my small shoulder bag (carry-on/personal item). To save weight in checked bag: I wear my riding jacket (armor in checked luggage) and motorcycle boots and carry something like lightweight slippers or Keens in my carry-on. Wearing my Keens keeps me from having to walk in any urine drops on the floor in the head.