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    I just recently bought a 2013 kawasaki vulcan 900 classic and signed up for my msf course. Next on the list is a helmet. I wear prescription glasses and have been scavenging the internet for helmets that go well with glasses. My first decision was to buy a half helmet. They go great with cruisers and i will just order prescription safety glasses. In addition if i ever felt like i needed to i would just wear one of those neck tube type things around my face. (I'm active duty and have plenty of them lying around) Then in all of my research pretty much no one feels half helmets provide any protection whatsoever and anyone using them is focusing more on the aesthetics than actual protection. Which i disagree with but thats a different subject. So looking at crash photos and statistics of people in crashes with half helmets ive thrown that plan out the window unless i really cant find a full face helmet that works.

    So next on my list is modular helmets. Which i have heard work well with glasses and you can put your glasses on first and then put the helmet over. Which im really looking for. But i could only imagine if the helmet fits snug enough it could push the frames into your temple and hurt or at the very least cause pain and headaches on a long ride. Also i expect there to be atleast some fogging and ill have to vent the visor a little.

    So here is the question im asking... what modular helmet works best with glasses? I want a full face helmet and modular seems like the best option with glasses. Or am i fighting a battle that cant be won? and any full face/ 3/4 helmet you wear with glasses will cause pain and headaches so if i want a full face helmet ill just have to deal with the pain and fogging and get over it, or wear a half helmet and basically be committing suicide.

    So any reccomendations on the best modular helmets for glasses or other routes to take to wear a full face helmet with glasses?
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    I wear glasses and have ridden for nearly 40 years and have never experienced any discomfort.

    A modular helmet is great as you can remove and put on your helmet with your glasses on. I used a full faced helmet mostly and put my glasses on after it's in place. Most of the time when I am riding my shield is up on the first notch. Unless there is some sort of debris like sand or a lawn crew blowing leaves about this works best for me.

    I wear a 3/4 helmet often and with that my glasses stay on when putting it on or removing it. I prefer the 3/4 helmet to anything else, but I'm behind a full screen. A bumble bee to the face at 70 mph is what hurts.

    Chances are you are going to have more than one helmet. Start with the safest one you can afford and add to your collection over time.

    I took one hit on my bike. I was on the 405 up in the valley and got sideswiped by a minivan hard. I changed two lanes with my feet in the air dragging my helmet across the pavement before I hit the k-rail. Choose wisely Grasshopper.
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    My current Nolan N87, and previous Nolan N44 and N43, all get along just fine with my glasses. No discomfort from glasses even on 12 hour+ riding days.
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    I've found that it's easier to find glasses that work under a helmet than a helmet that doesn't bother my glasses.

    I usually go for a pair with the thin rubbery ear dealies so that they don't get contorted and pushed around by the helmet.
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    Go to a store and try different helmets. The one the fits will no cause any discomfort. For safety purposes nothing beats a full face. However, once you go get used to the convenience of a modular you probably stay there. I wear prescription sunglasses when I ride.
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    You absolutely need to try on helmets before buying them. That goes for everyone, but even more so if you wear glasses.

    I am fine with full face helmet with glasses and even headphones. My current helmet is an Arai Vector 2, but I have no doubt there are plenty of others that would work.
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    My Schuberth C3Pro works with all of my sunglasses. Take your glasses with you when you try on new helmets. And take you helmet with you when you get new glasses!
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    Liberty makes frames for all different sports. I've found that their frames with a soft pointed arm fits perfect with any helmet. No issues at all as one may experience with regular frames. Had my Rx inserted and it's been perfect. Also, know that some street style frames may start to hurt after several hours-you may never know if all you initial rides are shorter in duration. This will most likely be trial and error for you. If you asked me, I'd get the frames to work with my helmet of choice and not the other away around. Much cheaper to get a new frame than a new helmet in most cases.

    Google Liberty Sport frames-you should be able to find it. If you're an AMA member I think they have a member price.
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    I recommend you avoid polarized lens. Can't see fuel spilled on road. Bad. I have removable eyecup wind block option so they can also function as regular frames. Have one sun and one clear pair-works a treat.
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    Mar 3, 2019
    Shoei GT Air has nice large grooves for glasses. Easy to put on.
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    I've been wearing glasses for a few years now, some helmets fit them better than others. Some glasses work better than others.

    Since a helmet is designed to squish itself to your head, it's going to push the glasses against your head. Big thick plastic frames, or weird frames that stick out sideways beyond your face are going to be uncomfortable. I use thin wire frames and smallish lenses, so I don't have much problem with that. But I'll still feel the ear pieces after a while.

    Some helmets have their padding interestingly split, with a groove basically where the arms of the glasses would go. That's neat, sorta. It does help keep the glasses from pressing against your skin and skull, but it also can hold the glasses oddly in front of your face, instead of letting them sit down on your nose. It also can have them jiggling weirdly. Both of these things can happen with regular helmets too. But if there's a groove for the glasses arms to fall into, they will.

    I find putting glasses on after I've put the helmet on to be easiest. This does involve a little snaking of the ear pieces, which can be a bit difficult. Never done it, but I know folk who use aviator style glasses for riding, which have no earpiece, just the straight arms. Makes it far easier to slip on with the helmet on.

    There is also the option of goggles. I've never had a pair made with corrective lenses, but it can be done. This isn't particularly viable if you're wearing a closed full face helmet. But if you like wearing it open, or like wearing a dirt bike type helmet, goggles lend themselves to this use. Especially with a dirt bike type helmet.
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    May 10, 2014
    when I started riding abour 250'000km ago I did wear glasses... and I still do ;)
    I'm slightly myopic - but it's either contact lenses or glasses. And I'm not a huge fan of contact lenses for a number of reasons ... so mostly glasses.

    Helmets: honestly especially in the last couple of years I haven't had an issue finding a helmet that accommodates glasses easily...
    be it full-face or modular full face (I don't ride with anything else).
    Some manufacutrers have cheekpads with a a "glasses channel" so the frame of your glasses fits better... but again, havent' had any issues.
    One thing though might be your glasses... I wear "sports" oriented self-tinting (photochromatic) glasses with a slightly curved profile that fit my head "closely..."... I've got a pair of regular flat glasses... both work well, but the sports glasses are usually the best fit under a helmet.
    What I also found is that if the glasses have non-slip rubberised segments on the part ofthe frame that slides behind your ears: it is sometimes a bit of a hassle to fit them under some helmets, because the rubber will not "glide" on the cheekpads easily....
    these take some fiddling...

    And just as foxtrapper, put the glasses on AFTER putting on the helmet... that's the best advice I can give & support and follow myself.
    Whilst yes, a modular helmet can allow you to keep your glasses on and slide the helmet over ... it's a question on how stiff the shell is... and I don't usually do it anyhow... especially the reverse (takingthe helmet off)... I found that you tend to end up with your glasses on the tarmac more often than not.
    as an example my Schuberth E1 is quite easy to slide OVER my glasses... but one of the critique points the E1 /C3pro has gotten was that it's very flexible...
    the C4 is far stiffer and doesn't slide too well over my glasses unless I pull it apart really hard... but again, I find it easier to quickly take off my glasses for helmet mounting or removal ;)

    Last but not least... one thing I have done for as long as I've been riding:
    I take MY HELMET along when buying glasses ;).
    yup, people think it's weird and I don't give a flying fuck.

    it's less about the worry that my glasses fit comfortably under the helmet (never really had many issues)... it's the fact that sometimes the placement, width / thickness of a frame and how it sits on your face will negatively impact your ability to quickly look over your shoulder when wearing a helmet by limiting your field of view.... I find this completely dangerous and wouldn't buy a frame that does that ...

    Last couple of helmets that I wore with glasses:
    - BMW Evo modular helmet
    - ARAI Quantum
    - HJC RPHA 70
    - Schuberth E1
    - Schuberth C4

    The E1 & C4 are my current helmets ... (the c4 though has just been destroyed in a faceplant momemtn three weeks ago... )
    can't really remember the older helmets...
    but again, all of these worked well with glasses for me.
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    That's the ticket, but try them on with glasses. I've only had one pair of glasses not fit well. They were a pair of the wider frames with the short lenses. Wide caused the frame to ride on the padding. Short lens sucks for glancing down at instruments ending up looking under the frame, same problem with walking down steps. All but that one pair fit helmets, all are narrower, with 46mm lenses versus the 50 or 52mm the wide ones are. They are also what is called a Pantos (kind of round) frame so the lens is around 40-44mm vertical. I also need bifocal, but have them ground lower on the lens so they are perfect position for instruments and allowing more lens for full distance vision. Big difference.

    I agree on the full face or modulars, probably 75% of helmet crash damage is on face shields and chin bars along with the sides of the helmets. So if I'm gonna lead with my chin I'm not going open face or half shell. OP you make your choice there. No shame in wearing a full face and there ain't time to change if you do get in an accident. When you wear glasses you can always leave the shield open too. Get a pair of prescrip wrap around safety glasses, some cool frames there from Uvex I saw at the optometrist's office. Maybe next pair will be sunglasses using them.

    Ramblings on glasses:
    I go for the weird, but in style frames, like the Shuron Rensir ZYL, which have been in production since 1952. You can get similar ones from Oakley or Ray Ban if you want for about $170 or get the real thing for closer to $100. So it has been in style for a number of years now. Seems all the companies and sellers try to tie them to Johnny Depp. That was how I found the one pair I got recently, using the name of the frames and adding "Johnny Depp" to the description eventually finding what I wanted.

    Just got a couple other frames, one is similar to the Shurons, but have a sort of art deco angular highlights on the frame and temples around the hinges, the other is a replica of Tart Arnel black/crystal like the nerd on NCIS New Orleans wears, got them on ebay for about $50, have my optometrist put in lenses. Total retro, but cool. How do I know? I show frames to younger friends, my daughter and son-in-law, and a pretty cool art teacher at school who is a good friend and does interesting glasses frames too. They give me their opinions fairly honestly. I will say my wife doesn't particularly like the glasses I do, but she's pretty conservative. Most I ask are female, better taste in style and looks. It's kind of fun to dare to be different. I get positive comments from a fair number of sub 30s kids. And they fit in helmets - even using OTG goggles with MX helmets - well.