Helmet wind noise BREAKTHROUGH FIX!!

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Spurlock, Sep 20, 2015.

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    May 5, 2015
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    I've been bothered by helmet wind noise since the 1960's. Being younger then I never worried much about it but now at age 66 I need my peace and quiet when riding. A year ago I tried a Windjammer wind blocker (http://www.amazon.com/WINDJAMMER-REDUCES-Helmets-original-copied/dp/B003FHLNVK. It seemed to help quite a bit with my Bell Vortex, but my initial enthusiasm has faded. Depending upon riding position and headwinds/crosswinds, I have still been bothered by wind noise at the bottom of the helmet unless wearing ear plugs. I hate wearing ear plugs, so I recently bought a Shoei RF-1200, supposedly one of the quieter helmets out there. Turns out that for my GB500 with its clip on bars and forward riding position it was horribly noisy.

    Interestingly, if I extended my arms way back and sat perfectly upright as though the bike had touring bars, the noise vanished. I tried adding extra foam around the neck among other things, but the only thing that would cut the noise was if I shrugged my shoulders up so my jacket contacted the bottom of the helmet. So, I decided to try foam shoulder pads under the jacket. I had some medium density foam that took up the space between shoulders and helmet so I carved a couple of pads and stuck them inside the jacket with double stick tape to test. The result was amazing! The difference was like driving a car with the windows down versus up - it really was that dramatic. I'd guess the reduction is 90 - 95%. Even at 90 mph (just testing, not my usual speed!) the wind noise is very tolerable and I never feel the need to wear ear plugs. Now I can hear the engine and surrounding traffic, while experiencing just a mild whooshing sound instead of an obnoxious roar.

    Helmet wind noise really varies with rider position, windshield or fairing design if any, and helmet design, so of course your mileage may vary. But for anyone bothered by wind noise, if you find that shrugging your shoulders up reduces it, I suggest taping a couple of foam pads into your jacket as a test, it might just work for you too. After several days of riding to prove the concept, I did the final pad installation as below.

    Here is one of the foam pads, carved to shape with a sharp knife:

    I sacrificed a pair of socks to make cloth pouches for the pads, cutting them off 2" longer than the foam. I then applied iron-on Velcro strips to the jacket and the sock pouches. Since the Velcro does not stretch, I used a "U" shaped wire to hold the sock slightly stretched while ironing on the velcro:

    Here is the pouch with the foam inserted and the cut end of the sock stuffed inside. This leaves a slot where an extra layer of foam could be slipped in if I wanted to make it thicker:

    And here are the pads stuck onto the jacket:

    And me wearing the jacket. No real downside as it looks normal and maybe even makes me look like one of those body builders with the bulging muscles and no neck!

    I gotta tell you that riding is soooo much more pleasant without the sound of a typhoon in my ears! And I feel safer too, not distracted and annoyed by irritating wind noise so I can just enjoy the pleasant ambient sounds of thumping along down favorite twisty roads.

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    I'll give you some credit there! Way to get innovative.
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    I used a motocross foam neck brace and have had similar results on my 990 adv
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    I can't go very far without earplugs . Tried lots of them before I found the ones that work for me . I like the ones that look like three little rubber umbrellas stacked on each other . I wet them and insert , and it gets quiet . I can still hear the motor , but the wind noise is gone . I don't like the foam earplugs because you squeeze them down to fit inside the ear and they expand to fit , and they keep expanding causing an ache after a while .
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    Mar 3, 2013
    I thought of trying to locate/make a helmet skirt like race car drivers wear.
    using a mesh fabric would allow some air flow.
    I like those donut/collars too.
    I know most of the wind hits my chest, creating the noise, is because of my low windshield.
    I might try bar end mirror too.
    Maybe just do a bunch of trapezius muscle exercises....that, or leave the hanger in your coat while wearing it :imaposer
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    Years ago, I had a neck warmer (like a Buff) that attached to the bottom of my helmet all the way around the bottom of the helmet and tucked into my jacket.
    Totally solved the noise problem and the cold neck. :clap

    Introduced a severe fogging problem. :nah
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    Dec 4, 2003
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    I had a med sized fleece pillow bag. The mind that you stuffed a jacket into. I cut the end off and use it as a neck gasket. It works very well filling the gap between the jacket and helmet. And making riding more quiet
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    Mar 13, 2015
    Hey Spurlock, I found the same thing. I ride a VFR1200. Same thing, rode lots of bikes wore ear plugs and never worried about it. I was on a long ride coasting down the mountain rode and sat straight up with my chin up. In that position all the noise went away. Well, now I'm thinking about it. I found if I cup my hands knuckles forward right at the front of the the shoulder, just below or at the collar bone, the noise stops. I suppose the wind my shoulders are deflecting is pushing up into the helmet. I took a 4 inch piece of swimming pool floating noodles, cut it in half and made 2 fist sized bumps and stuck them under the jacket. Noise goes away. It's a lot of noise that goes away.
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    This is one of the more funny and informative posts I've read in a while. My family and I are handy, this is right up our alley!
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    I found the windjammer seal thingy rubbish too...I found some plugs ,but keep forgetting put them in....I use a Schuberth C3 which is suppose tobe one of the quitter helmets, but they all sound the same to me..."I heard that,pardon"