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    So I'm doing up this old GasGas '93 GT32 trials bike and making her into a street legal Urban ripper. I've gone over this bike inside and out and as soon as the frame gets back from the powder-coat shop (Tues) a new chain, 13mm cir-clip, 4-5 hours of assembly, and a few kicks are all that stands between me and the road...well almost
    See the wheels are just shot to shit. I mean bearings and hubs are great but the spokes that aren't rusted through are bent. which brings me to my question.
    The Bespoke Wheel
    So as it stands, I'm looking at a total re-lace of both the F&R
    (I've re-laced bicycle wheels and I don't imagine this will be much different. Worst case scenario I end up taking a loose laced pair of wheels in for tension&truing.) No Problem. I Imagine I'll want SS spokes...scratch that I Want Stainless Spokes.
    I looked through the parts manual to find the spokes. Found the lengths/sizes

    Front=(36) 236x3 spokes and (36) 3mm nipples

    Rear=Qty:18 202x3,5
    Qty:18 197x3,5 and (36) 3,5mm nipples

    I can't seem to find these anywhere? metrics seem elusive to say the least.

    Next question; How do powder-coated rims hold up? since the wheel's coming apart I might just send the rims off.

    Any help greatly appreciated
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    Buchanons spoke in california.
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