Help with a Funduro water pump install Ridgway Colorado

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    Hello all and apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I bought (over the internet) a well sorted out 1997 BMW Funduro in Seattle with just over 23K miles. The plan was to take a long anticipated trip with my son who is going to school in Vancouver Island down the coast from Seattle along Highway 1 to Orange County, then across the desert back to the little mountain town where I live. I flew out from Colorado, was picked up at the airport by the extremely kind owner of the bike and after transferring my luggage to the smaller than anticipated panniers :baldy started south to meet my son in Portland. The trip was everything we had hoped it to be and the little 650 ran like a sewing machine the whole way.

    I should say almost the whole way. Either through fate, dumb luck or the 100 degree plus temperatures, the water pump failed about 20 miles from my front doorstep. I guessing that it was the water pump that failed because of the significant amount of coolant coming through the weap hole.

    Here’s my question; the local repair shops have quoted me five to $600 to fix it. I am pretty good with my hands and love the idea of having a father and son water pump rebuild project but would love it and be willing to pay someone in the neighborhood to guide me through the process. One of the best things about bikes like this and some of the longer range travels my son and I have planned is the idea that we could be self-supporting. I’d like to think this would be an initial step to that final goal. Any takers? If not, thanks for the many years of great information.

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