Helpful Site - GPX files for Colorado/Utah trails

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    There are actually trail for AZ, CA, CO, UT and WY...but the majority of the trail are in CO and UT.

    So, I've been using this site for day rides around Northern Colorado and it's worked pretty well for my uses, with a Garmin Map60cx and TOPO US software.

    The site is setup for 4wheeling by 4wheelers, so I tend to sand-bag their trail rating system, so if it says it's moderate, then I consider it difficult for me on a stock geared KLR 650. Perhaps if your on a lighter and lower geared bike you could go with the ratings as posted. Obviously, you make the call on your own riding level but the site is written for vehicles with four large mud tires, often with lockers, and the ability to creep over obstical that I have (and you may have) to hit at pretty high RMP in 1st/2nd gear to get I consider "moderate" in a jeep difficult for a heavy daul sport.

    So anyway, the site has a very helpful google map with all of the trailheads marked, if you click on the trailhead it gives you a link to the individual trail, with pictures, maps, directions, a trail description, meeting locations and the GPX files for the track for the specific trail. On each trail site that I've used, they give you the link to the National Forest District which provide a current open/closed status for the trail, which I find very helpful.

    Here the link to the google trailhead map for Colorado:

    Most of the trails are connected to main roads via gravel National Forest roads/private land easments, so you can get a good amount of time off pavment just accessing some of the trailheads. Which is nice.

    If you were prefer a list of the trail, which can be sorted by difficulty, etc. see this link:

    I'm pretty new to the GPS thing so if there are better sites or other good sites, please chime in.

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    This is a great site man!

    I have downloaded a ton of tracks in CO. Wish they had NM...
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    May 17, 2008
    Wow they have tons of great tracks thanks..
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