Herb & Wanda Stark's Blueberry Blast

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    Jul 8, 2001
    Tuscaloosa, AL USA
    Well, things were looking slow for the weekend, so about Thursday of last week I decided to go to the 3d Annual Blueberry Blast in Avinger, Texas.

    Problem was, Avinger is only about 550 miles or so from Tuscaloosa, AL, so it wasn't a real challenge, although it would be the longest single-day run I had ever made. Nevertheless, I decided to up the challenge. Let's see: Leave Friday morning; Tuscaloosa, AL to New Orleans, LA to Houston, TX, to Dallas, TX, to Avinger, TX - over 1100 miles, and in less than 24 hours. Did it.

    Blueberries aren't on my diet just now. Besides, it was too hot to be picking blueberries, even though there were quite a few people doing it anyway. So I just visited a number of other riders who had dropped in for the Blast. They were from Colorado, South Dakota, Texas (of course), and several other places.

    After a good visit, I decided to mosey home. So mid-morning Saturday I departed Avinger, TX for Tuscaloosa, AL. Arrived Tuscaloosa about 5:30 pm in time to take my wife to dinner.

    And I qualified for the IBA's Saddlesore 1000 and Bun-Burner 1500 along the way.

    It turned out not to be a boring weekend.

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