Here We Go Again - Yet Another BMW R1150GS Adventure/Ural Sidecar Renovation

Discussion in 'Hacks' started by mikepa, Feb 5, 2020.

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    The EXMOOR TRIM Defender seat in the Stepler has heating pads in the seat bottom and back, with both hi and low seat settings. These are not motorcycle seats, designed to be weatherproof, but since they're the seats used in the Landy Defenders, am assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that they may be more water-resistant than most.

    I plan on using seam sealer on the stitching, and will give good old NikWax a try as a rain repellent.

    My wife is just over 5' tall and weighs 120lbs, even with gear on, she needs a narrow seat to be comfortable. We have narrow-frame seats in our Sprinter from Germany's Scheel-Mann, and they work well for both of us.
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    Ok I am clearly confusing your seat options. I am looking forward to how you outfit the Sparco.

    Having met your lovely bride I know she will fit. ;). My comments were generalized. I thought it best if I avoided any specific comments on height, weight, or shoe size.
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