Highway Dirtbike (HDB) Powerlet Top Clamp Group Buy

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    *****This group buy is over. It is likely that another will take place in April, 2011. ******
    Highway Dirtbike (HDB) Powerlet Top Clamp (100x40mm) Group Buy
    Sign up by: 01/31/11.

    *****This group buy is over. It is likely that another will take place in April, 2011. ******

    First, the definition of the three types of Powerlet top clamps...

    Standard HDB Powerlet Top Clamp has powerlet holes on the bottom (Powerlet outlet not included)

    Flipped HDB Powerlet Top Clamp has powerlet holes on the top.

    The Reversible Powerlet top clamp can be mounted either direction and is the only clamp with built in LED indicator holes:

    *****This group buy is over. It is likely that another will take place in April, 2011. ******

    I've been working with Paul, at HDB, on this group buy and I think we have it mostly figured out, so I'm posting up. I am a big believer in the HDB products, have purchased his products in the past and have enjoyed dealing with Paul when we first came up with adding the powerlet holes (click for story and images) to his already great top clamp. I'll also add that Paul has the final say on how the group buy will work and not me.

    This started as a group buy for the Super Ténéré, which uses a 100x40mm top clamp pattern, but many other bikes use this same pattern. The group buy top clamps will be slotted to accommodate a bolt pattern of 100x38/40mm. Other clamp sizes fall outside of this group buy, but we'll get another group buy going for other sizes next month. Stay tuned for that.

    The regular price of an HDB powerlet topclamp is $59.95 ($45 standard top clamp + $14.95 for versions with powerlet holes). The group buy will result in a 15% discount with 10 orders and a 20% discount with 20 orders. Group buy sign-up will close 1/31/2011 at which point the discount amount will be determined and a coupon code will be relayed to those that are in. The coupon will be used at checkout on the HDB website which accepts only Paypal (check payment can be arranged, but adds a lot of overhead, so paypal is much preferred).

    New top clamp bolts are included in purchase price. All clamps will have the tapped side holes for mounting up handguards at a later date. HDB can ship international, as well. That will be a manual ordering process so Paul can calculate shipping costs and invoice you.

    Update: 1/23/2011
    There will be two coupons to choose from. A 20% off top clamp coupon or a 15% off an entire order coupon. :clap You will use one or the other.
    - For those that only want a top clamp or a top clamp plus black anodization, the 20% off coupon will be the best deal.
    - For those planning on buying more than just a top clamp, the "15% off entire order" coupon will be the best deal. While you are giving up a 5% discount on the top clamp (around $3), you are gaining 15% off all your other items. The 15% discount can apply to any combination of top clamp, lower clamps, hand guards, brackets, mirrors, etc.

    In all likelyhood, each of you will be issued both coupons and you'll just apply the appropriate one at the time you order. The honor system will be in play so don't try to cheat Paul by using the 20% coupon if you are making a larger order; Use the 15%. Paul will be checking orders so don't be the one that gets caught trying to sneak through a 20% coupon on a big order. You might find your yourself getting zero discount.

    Also, for those wanting other sized top clamps, Paul has been busy with the 100x38/40mm runs, so other sizes won't be included in this group buy. There will be another group buy next month for other sized clamps.

    To keep things consistent, please include the following info if you want in. I will collect all that info in this post.
    - Preferred top clamp pattern (ie. 100x40mm, 98x40mm, etc.)
    - Powerlet Design [Standard, Flipped, or Reversible] - See above images for examples of each.
    - Paul has verified that the group buy is big enough that runs will be made of standard, flipped and reversible. Everyone gets their preference! :clap

    Please post questions in this thread rather than emailing Paul. He is swamped now and if questions and answers are posted in this thread, it will avoid the same questions being asked multiple times in emails. Thanks everyone! And thanks to Paul! :clap

    Standard = powerlet holes on bottom;
    Flipped = powerlet holes on top.
    Reversible= has powerlet holes and clamp can be mounted either way

    Standard Powerlet 100x38/40mm:
    1. Chadx - Standard - black anodized
    2. Buckeye56 - Standard
    3. Simmons1 - Standard
    4. Japako - Standard
    5. DaFoole - Standard - black anodized
    6. larryboy - Standard
    7. hoebster - Standard - Black anodized
    8. mobill - Standard
    9. ejtv - Standard
    10. mobyfubar - Standard
    11. johnpitts01 - Standard
    12. lbever - Standard
    13. gixxersteph - Standard - black anodized
    14. Bigbore4 - Standard - black anodized
    15. colorider - Standard
    16. tubebender - Standard
    17. artlocks - Standard
    18. trinc4me - Standard
    19. Swagger - Standard
    20. jrh1230 - Standard - black anodized
    21. dallara - Standard
    22. tweiss - Standard
    23. aries71 - Standard

    Flipped Powerlet 100x38x40mm:
    1. RobR - Flipped
    2. fjr1300 (from yamahasupertenere.com) - Flipped
    3. mobill - Flipped
    4. oh2ridemore - Flipped
    5. stevepsd - Flipped
    6. Knobbiethrower - Flipped - black anodized
    7. olmer - Flipped - black anodized - Shipped to France
    8. bill 310 - Flipped
    9. attrition - Flipped
    10. AL-58 - Flipped
    11. leftystrat62 - Flipped
    12. Wadester - Flipped

    Reversible Powerlet with LED holes - 100x38/40mm:
    1. Glierly - Reversible. Prefer with LED holes
    2. mymonypit - Reversible (mounting with Scotts Sub Mount)
    3. mymonypit - Reversible (mounting with Scotts Sub Mount)
    4. SteveO - Reversible
    5. mrpincher - Reversible
    6. fabone - Reversible
    7. Thagua - Reversible - Black anodized
    8. m.ozone - Reversible - Black anodized
    9. vonzip49 - Reversible
    10. artlocks - Reversible
    11. jeickerman - Reversible
    12. bigalsmith101 - Reversible
    13. bigalsmith101 - Reversible
    14. eyty - Reversible
    15. jimrobinette - Reversible
    16. thinair - Reversible

    Those 'in' for the next group buy (for other clamp sizes):
    [userID - bolt pattern - layout preference]
    1. rwavaktm - [size needed for KTM950] - [layout preference not specified]
    2. bobzilla - [size needed for KTM690] - Flipped (only)
    3. bobzilla - [size needed for Husaberg 550] - Flipped (only)
    4. tmotten - 100x33mm - If powerlet becomes available for 7/8" bars.
    5. bill 310 - [size needed for KTM950] - flipped (only)
    6. second chance - 98 x 38/40 - Standard
    7. barton - KTM 690R - Reversible

    *****This group buy is over. It is likely that another will take place in April, 2011. ******
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    Uvalde, TX
  3. trizzo

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    Jun 25, 2010
    chad has paul made a test topclamp with the button holes/powerlet holes reversed? if so can he supply photos?
  4. larryboy

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    Jan 9, 2005
    Über Alles,California
    Hmmm, that size also fits the XR650R and CR500 with a fat bar conversion. Will we be able to add switches and outlets to our orders to save on shipping costs?
  5. RobR

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    Apr 2, 2010
    Helena, Alabama
    I'd be interested in a flipped version. Would work great with my Scotts stabilizer.
  6. Buckeye56

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    Jul 26, 2010
    Buckeye56 - 100x40mm - Standard only
  7. Chadx

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    Oct 29, 2007
    Bozeman, Montana
    I don't think Paul has fabricated the flipped top clamp version as of yet. He has worked up a few diagrams, but is not yet ready to release those. I think he is interested in reading the interest in this thread and also reading about other ideas prior to final design (integrated LED holes, etc.) He is looking towards making fewer styles in the future so wants to integrate as much as possible into fewer styles. This is everyone's opportunity to post up their thoughts (and I'll mention again that he would prefer to read the ideas on this thread rather than receiving emails to wade through).
  8. Chadx

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    Oct 29, 2007
    Bozeman, Montana
    Yes, At this point, it looks like a buyer would be able to add in whatever upgrades or other items they want to purchase, at standard prices, into the same order to save shipping.
  9. fredz43

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    May 31, 2006
    Illinois (right by that road with a curve in it)
    We are going to have a display Super Tenere at our local dealer, Niehaus Cycle Sales on January 20, 21, and 22. I will wait until I can see the bike in person and visualize how my farkles will fit before I make a decision as to what style I prefer.

    For clarification, the $14.95 Powerlet option mentioned above means that it is the style with holes for Powerlet sockets, but no Powerlet sockets themselves, right?

  10. Chadx

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    Oct 29, 2007
    Bozeman, Montana
    RobR and Buckeye56,
    I've added you both to the list (above).

    RobR, please clarify if you are only interested if your preferred version (flipped) is available, or if you would be interested even if the standard version is the available version.

    I will mention that it is not a given that only one or the other version will be available. If numbers are high enough for each, there is a good chance a run of each will be made. That's why we are tracking both preference and if that preference is the only one the buyer is interested in or if they are still interested if the other version is the only run. It complicates things a bit, but in the end, will be good data for Paul to have and may get everyone what they want.
  11. Swagger

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    Dec 21, 2010
    Temporarily in the UK
    Yo Chad ... I'm in for the Super Tenere variant ... 100x40mm ... either version will do for me :D
  12. Chadx

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    Oct 29, 2007
    Bozeman, Montana
    Thanks for bringing that up. You are correct. The original style HDB top clamp is $45 and not available in this group buy. Only the powerlet version is being considered, which is normally a $14.95 upgrade above and beyond the $45 original style HDB topclamp, is involved in this group buy. Powerlet sockets are not included and only shown in the above photo for demonstration purposes.

    Gotcha added.
  13. DiscoDino

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    Jan 12, 2007
    This is a fantastic product! I've had mine for 9 months...have worked PERFECTLY!
  14. hoebster

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    Mar 2, 2008
    Chad, Will this be available in black or powdercoated? WIll it come with the appropriate longer Allen head cap screws?
  15. simmons1

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    Jan 2, 2006
    Out Riding
    Add me to the list please.


  16. japako

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    Nov 4, 2010
    North Texas
    Chad, I would like one for the Tenere in a standard version only.
    This would be great for my heated gear.

    I would like 4 holes for led lights .

    One question, will this work with risers?

  17. Glierly

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    Sep 3, 2005
    100x40mm Standard preferred - either ok

  18. joenuclear

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    Mar 16, 2007
    Fort Smith, Arkansas
    I going to use my Scotts damper with my WRR. Scotts will supply the lower triple and damper mount. Will this top clamp fit?
  19. AL-58

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    Oct 28, 2004
    Blue Mountains, OZ
    Please put me on the list for the Powerlet option clamp. Flipped or Standard, I dont care

  20. rwavaktm

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    Apr 20, 2010
    I am interested in the Top Clamp for a KTM 950.
    If you could put me on the possible list for a group buy for the 950.