HM Buffalo Mountain Trail 199 + Rock House questions

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    Apr 5, 2017
    Hi Everyone, I have been on and off ADV for a few years but this is my first post. I am not much of an ADV rider, more of a straight dirt rider.

    I am heading to the Hatefield McCoy trails Buffalo Mountain system in a few week. This will be my third year. I find the ST trails awesome but challenging. Most of the riding we do there is single track as I get bored on the wide easy stuff. I have a few questions for other who might be in the know….

    There is now a transfer trail open to the Rock House system, has anyone done this? Is it worth the long trail ride over there? Is the Rock House Single track any good?

    On the Buffalo Mountain trail 199 there are some crazy spots that freak me out just thinking about them. I have ridden this trail only twice, both times from the Matewan side heading towards Williamson (I guess that’s east to west). In this direction there is a psycho down-hill just before the trail opens up to a wide steep uphill. I was watching a video of a guy going in the opposite direction. I recognized the open hill that he went down ( that I would go up) but it looked as though be never did climb that crazy hill (the one I would go down). Is there a way around this section of trail? Can anyone describe alternate lines that they may know about on trail 199 to avoid the craziness? Has anyone done this trail in both directions? What are your thoughts in riding one way or the other?

    Cheers, dudes