Hollister to Carrizo Plains and Los Padres

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    I got the bike a couple of weeks ago and decided to do a solo shakedown ride and camp to get things sorted out. Mostly back roads down with a little extra on 101 to pick up some beers at the Firestone Brewery in Paso Robles. :1drink

    The gps batteries died on the way back, but I got the best part of the return on the ridge of through Los Pardres parallel to 166. I learned a lot getting out for the first run and made it without incident until I hit the pavement coming out on 166. Made the rookie mistake of thinking about lunch instead of getting the side stand down and dropped the bike for the first time. At least I was out of traffic, and now I know how to pick the pig up.

    gpx attached and here's the google maps version


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    I just found your post. I did a very similar ride in early May (see this thread and its link to my commentary). I was going to take pretty much the exact route you did. As you will see in the RR, I did not ride through the Carizzo Plain. Can you tell me what it was like? Post here or PM me.
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    I show some other options in the Statwide Motorized Trail System. I got tracks from others in this area.

    You can find all my tracks on GPSXchange.com

    attached is Route 1 in this area

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