Honda AT CS sprocket fitment

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    Apr 7, 2005
    I replaced my CS sprocket today, mostly just because. 11K miles on the bike. I've generally replaced sprockets and chain as a set. Having a sprocket on hand and putting on a new Shinko 705 (warranted due to tread block cracks developing on a 705 with 6K miles on it...thank you Shinko and WPS) seemed as good a time as any.

    Wear on the OEM sprocket was very slight.

    The point: The JT sprocket had lateral movement (in and out) on the shaft with the bolt tightened. Thinking that odd, I took it off, checked the thickness of the two (OEM and JT) sprockets. The JT was .005" thinner. I put the OEM sprocket back on. It had lateral slop to it, too. Felt the same as the JT.

    Seems Honda designed the fitment that way. Most sprockets I've dealt with are on smaller machines and their sprockets generally held on with a snap ring. They always move around a good bit. I thought a 1-liter near 100-pony bike to maybe be different.

    If your bike shows that fit, I wouldn't worry about it.

    FWIW: The JT sprocket I had is the damped/rubber covered version of sprocket. I've read of some using 'plain' metal sprockets. Not for me, thanks.