Honda CRF1000L AFRICA TWIN merged threadfest

Discussion in 'Japanese polycylindered adventure bikes' started by dwestly, May 12, 2015.

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    Thanks. I see they're even out of stock in the UK...which would explain ADVMotorrad being out of stock.
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    Aug 20, 2020
    Hi! Are these on the stock 18 inch wheels? I could not find these tires with the center thread for my wheel size. Can you let me know exactly what you fitted there? I want them!
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    Yesterday I went on a ride with my buddy on his new KTM 790R Adventure. Gorgeous machine, but not selling my Twin:) Anyway, (this is particularly for us NA market folks) he just mounted up some turn signals/indicators from Cyclops. They are fantastic! Much safer, much more modern looking, bright and compact. When you apply the brakes the rear turn signals/indicators flash red twice before settling into conventional brake lights! How cool is that? Since we got the giant, dated giraffe ossicones on our NA market bikes theses would be fantastic for a number of reasons. Sadly, they don't make them. I called and they seemed interested and willing to pursue bringing them to market, but they need to feel there's a market (seems much larger than the 790, butI don't know). I think emails and phone calls would help. They picked up the phone immediately when I called.

    (800) 624-0278

    They also make a brilliant universal TPMS (tire pressure management system) that I ordered. Check it out. They have aux lighting for our bikes as well.