Honda Hybrid and Electric PCX for 2018

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    More info please :ear
    Half of what money? Honda hasn't mentioned a price.
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    You seem to misunderstand. My main hobby and passion in life is internal combustion powered vehicles. I love the internal combustion engine, and have since age 8, when a local farm mechanic helped me rebuild my first dirt bike. I love the mechanical workings of the internal combustion engine, and I love the sounds and sensations you get from them. That's why I recently bought a Harley Davidson Sportster 1200. It came with a wonderful sounding aftermarket exhaust system. It shakes like a paint mixer. It has a very primitive and visceral sound and feel to it that is pure euphoria. It is easily and by far the most fun motorcycle I have ever ridden. I wish I could ride it more. Every single minute I have spent on it has been a blast. I made sure I got a carbureted one so I could tinker with it. I have already rejetted the carb a bit richer to fix it's slight overheating issue. Like the Sportster, the most fun scooter I have ever ridden is my Genuine Stella. Again, the reason is it's mechanicalness. The sound and feel of it's 2 stroke engine is ever present, never letting me forget what I am riding. The somewhat clunky shifter that most would complain about is again very mechanical. No electronics involved. It is a very primitive twist grip connected to the transmission by a cable. Same with the throttle. I drive a 54 year old car and a 46 year old car. Both have been rebuilt completely mechanically. I left the cosmetics alone because I like them the way they are, and as a form of reverse snobbery to drivers of fancy new cars, especially hybrids and electrics. I do have a 2013 economy car for summer transportation, because a close relative needed desperately to sell it, and I need A/C in the summer. It is a bit embarrassing to drive. I had a decal made to put on the rear bumper that says "NOT A HYBRID"

    When I mentioned troops defending our freedom, I was thinking about those who fought in the Revolutionary War, WWI and WWII. However I totally and completely support all our troops. I know many veterans, some disabled. I lost a couple of co workers in Afghanistan. I contribute to a couple of veterans organizations. I tried to join the military myself at age 18, but failed the physical due a condition called Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) 64,000 were killed in Vietnam alone. If we lose our freedom, then they died for nothing.

    Fortunately, at nearly 60 years old, I will be able to play with internal combustion engines for the rest of my life. But I worry about those who come after me. My 27 year old son in law is an internal combustion powered car enthusiast and drag racer. I helped him get started in racing. I hope that ALL internal combustion enthusiasts fight back hard against anyone who would try and take their hobby and passion away from them.

    Gotta go. The weather is nice, and there is a Harley waiting for me in the garage. Oh, and I'm glad to see this thread was moved to where it belonged. It did not belong in Battle Scooters.