Honda XL: A how to. Cheap Muffler Repair.

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    This works well on the '74 and '75 XL350s. Would be a bit harder to do on the 250's or later centerport 350's. The '74 and '75 have a neat looking upswept muffler that is not only hard to find, but it also costs a fortune and they all rust in the same spot! Right at the point the header connects to the upswept part.


    The rust/hole is not easily noticeable unless your on the ground looking up at the bend in the pipe.


    They also seem to rust out at the very end where the spark arrestor is supposed to bolt in.

    Heres what you are going to need:

    Access to a welder (or plumbers tape might work too, just not pretty)
    Light metal strapping (or plumbers tape if you dont want to weld)
    1 cherrybomb/glasspack muffler- you choose the shape and size
    1- hose clamp
    A hacksaw
    10mm, 12mm, and 14mm sockets.

    Step 1

    Remove the old muffler, but dont chuck it just yet! There are 2 nuts at the head, a clamp by the left footpeg, and a bracket near the rear shock. Its been a while since I did this, so I dont remember what size the bolts/nuts were...

    Step 2

    Cut the back half of the muffler off, leaving as much of the header pipe as you can

    Step 3

    Mount the header pipe back on to the bike. This is the best time to determine what size cherrybomb you want to get. With the header in place, take some measurements. Its really up to you want you want to use, just about anything will fit. I think I ended up using a 2" dia 2' long cherry bomb, and put an adapter on one end so it would fit tighter over the header pipe. Go buy your muffler!

    Step 4

    Now that you have the muffler, fit it over the header and mark where you want the rear bracket to go. Also decide how long the strapping needs to be to reach the rear mounting bracket. Cut your strapping to the desired length, drill a hole in one end, and then bend the other to fit the curve of the muffler, and weld it on.


    Step 5

    Mount it up! Leave the header on, but loosen the bolts. slide the muffler over the header, attach the rear bracket, and tighten the header bolts back up. If you get lucky, you may be able to re-use the stock muffler clamp under the footpeg, but it was so obnoxious I just put a hose clamp around the muffler to the frame and sucked it in tight. Tighten the rear clamp. If you desire, you can weld the muffler to the header. Tack it on now that it is all tightened up, then remove it to complete the process. I left it alone, knowing I would be switching it back and forth between different bikes.




    And on one of my other bikes:





    Obviously, there are some drawbacks. Number one being there is NO SPARK ARRESTOR! This can be fairly easliy rectified by buying one that will fit over the end and clamp on. Its also pretty loud... :deal
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    For what it is worth, JC Whitney not only has a impressive selection of different generic mufflers (which can also be found on eBay, sometimes for less) but also has things like different kinds of slip-in-silencers, some of which are advertised for glasspacks. Some are even motorcycle specific.

    Jus' sayin' if you ever wanted to class it up a bit.
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