Honda XL350 R 1984 no spark!

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    May 7, 2020
    Hi Guys.

    I recently acquired a Honda XL 350 R from 1984.
    I bought the bike as a project (no spark) and after 1,5 whole days in the garage still no spark :(.

    a whole number of questions came up in my search for spark today, im gonna list em below and I hope that someone will have the answers that im looking for.

    Firstly the CDI-unit:
    The red and brown wire coming from the alternator going into the CDI, what does this do excactly? I had my multimeter on it and it registered an AC-voltage when kicking over the engine, does the AC voltage this wire generates somehow activate the CDI? I do think that my alternator is bad (yellow and pink wire has no continuity to ground for example) but this shouldn't affect the CDI unit or do I have it wrong?

    Can someone also tell me if the CDI unit should be getting 12 volt positive? on my wiring diagram it seems it doesnt, the red/brown wire comes from the alternator, the black and white from the engine stop switch (grounded if OFF is activated as far as I can tell), Dark green is ground, Black goes directly to one terminal on the ignition coil, and the remaining 2 wires comes from the pulse generator (which I ohmed today and is within spec). My best guess is I have it wrong and black and white should be 12volts but I would appreciate someone confirming this and if possible show a picture of their wiring.

    Next is the ignition coil: its not within spec (I read 0.09 ohms in primary and 4.3XX ohms in secondary) so its a little out of spec, but my question is: when I wire the ground wire (listed as DG in my diagram) coming from the CDI unit onto the ignition coil, both the ground connection AND the black wire from the CDI unit is grounded! in other words there is continuity through the system from one terminal to the other. If I put ground on one terminal on the ignition coil the other terminal gets grounded too.. is this how its supposed to be? seems odd to me that both sides on the ignition coil is grounded? I have 2 ignition coils and they both do the same..

    As far as I can tell all I need to get spark is the pulse generator, red and black wire from stator (whatever it does..) ground and possibly a 12 volt positive, can anyone confirm?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, I have attached the wiring diagram in this thread.

    Best Regards Nicolai

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