Honda XR650L Rear Wheel Bearing Tool & Bearing/Seal sizes

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    I was struggling to find this info, so hopefully it'll help someone else.

    One of the rear wheel bearings is held in place with a aluminium threaded retainer. To remove this you need to use a drill and carefully drill (only to a depth of half a mm or so) the 4x peened (centre-punched) marks.
    You then need a tool that locates into the 4 recesses, which you turn anti-clockwise to un-thread the retainer from the hub. You can buy this tool (Motion Pro part number 08-0227) for $22, or if like me you want to get the job done immediately, you can make one. Drawing below, all dimensions in mm. You use 4x M5 bolts (nuts to hold in place) as the lugs that will locate into the bearing retainer.


    You can buy the bearings and seals in a kit, or buy OEM parts from Honda, or if you prefer you can order the bits individually from any bearing supplier.

    The larger bearing is:
    47mm Outer diameter
    17mm inner diameter
    14mm wide
    Honda Part No:
    Part No: 6303 (add "-2RS" on the end for a bearing with rubber seals, and "C3" for a high speed rated bearing)

    The smaller bearing is:
    40mm Outer diameter
    17mm inner diameter
    12mm wide
    Part No: 6203 (add "-2RS" on the end for a bearing with rubber seals, and "C3" for a high speed rated bearing)

    Both oil seals are:
    40mm Outer diameter
    25mm inner diameter
    17mm wide

    I'm restoring a neglected XRL and the rear wheel was in a bit of a state.


    At the start:

    Starting to look better:
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