Horizons Unlimited Virginia 2020

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    I will be tentatively (waiting for new passport...) be travelling from Ontario (London area) to Appomattox, Virginia for the HU meeting this spring, crossing the border at Niagara Falls.
    I plan on leaving on the 22nd April and travel the 1000 km or so over 2 days, which means I will be looking at stopping overnight in Pennsylvania from the 22-23, and again from the 26th to the 27th April.

    • Does anyone know of a place I could stay (most likely camp) in Pennsylvannia (ideally more on the northern part I would think to try and split the journey more or less equally)? I did see find some campsites on the way but I do not know the area at all.
    • Anyone travelling from Ontario/Quebec interested in joining for the ride welcome :)
    • if we are enough - but not too many lol - we could even share the cost of an AirBnB on the way instead of camping :)
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    Guessing you will be taking 219 south from the border, Allegheny National Forest is just south of the PA/NY border. Should be camping options there. Also state parks further south along or near 219.
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