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    I am reaching out to see if there are any inmates in the Hot Springs area. We are planning a short three day dual sport ride around the Ouachita National Forest next month (pending the status of the whole reopening of the country etc.) The ride is a loop that we plan to start in Mountain Pine, AR just north of Hot Springs and ultimately end up back at the start 2.5 days later.

    We will be driving up from Texas to arrive on a Friday morning, start the loop mid day and then returning Sunday evening upon completing the trip. We are looking for somewhere safe to leave our two vehicles while we make the loop.

    If there are any inmates in the Hot Springs area that have a safe neighborhood, business, home, property, etc. that wouldn't mind a few vehicles parked at it for a few days we would really appreciate it. If you provide us with a space and would like to join us on our 350 mile loop on dirt and forest roads we would be happy to have you along. That said we aren't trying to turn this into a large group ride given our allotted time frame as well as out of respect for the current situation and social distancing.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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