Hotel Sahara • An AT in Africa

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    Damn @Chris S, just caught up. How can you be speechless when typing?

    Yours is one hell of a story, glad to hear you were able to make it home - nothing like the "wrinkle" of losing your engine's life blood on the side of the road as you're trying to get out of country.

    Look forward to reading the epilogue when the time comes; though that might be many moons from now given how pear-shaped the world has gone.
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    Great read! Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Very good article Mr S. One thing, 'Chinese Tat", Surely you meant affordable and meaningful products made economically in China? Marrakesh airport is a challenge at the best of times, good you are ok. Safe travels. British Ibn Batuta.
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    I did enjoy the read and the photos. You where fortunate that your return home went as well as it did. Although you certainly didn’t need the small oil leak. Do let us know when you go back to the desert. Petepilot
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  5. My bike is parked in a friends garage in Amsterdam. I am in China. I am itching to get out. Hopefully I can replicate some of your tracks Jan Feb 2021-Inshallah.
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    Congrats on getting out. when Corona started, I was in Bizerte, Tunisia for work and was stuck there a month after the lockdown (our hotel stayed open for the 4 guests). I had originally planned to ride my moto down and take a 10 day holiday after my work was done but, I ended up flying down like a normal person. I think my moto would still be in Tunisia had I went that way.

    Good stuff.
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    Thanks for your comments and interest.
    Yes, I hope to repair and ride the AT back before the end of the year, although things are escalating in Morocco (and all of Africa) with the virus right now.
    It's like they're on a different schedule.

    Meanwhile, while we wait....
    Starting on a thread near here shortly: Libya 1998 Funduro
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    Please post a link here to the new report and we will all jump ship or camels !