How do you make a retaining ring not for my teefe

Discussion in 'Some Assembly Required' started by Shocktower, Jan 30, 2012.

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    Ok I lost/misplace a crucial part, one that hold the piston boot for my caliper on my 79 RD 400, I am trying to make one, but just have not got it just right, any pointers.

    Here is how I started, I took a piece of 2" PVC and drilled a hole, took some piano wire and bent it around the pipe, but it springs out to about 4" I need a 2" spring should I get a 1" bolt and try it that way, I sourced some spring makers but have yet to contact them yet :norton, I know I can do this :evil
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    yes you can.
    I'd try to find a similar gauge spring and cut it to size then bend it to the diameter. This will work as the spring steel will try to get back into its old shape snugging the boot around the caliper
    Alternately you can use a bit of goop to keep the boot from moving
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    tuff to desrcribe verbally, but I'll try.
    your two inch diameter tube with the hole to feed the wire into,,is your mandrel.
    You need a way to turn the mandrel to wind the wire, as opposed to winding the wire around the mandrel. In a sense, a way to hold and control the tension of the wire as it is wound onto the reel/spool/ mandrel.
    Small diameter wire is skweezed between blocks of hardwood as it feeds over a small coil spring winder upper. Stretches the wire just a bit, and heats it from direct friction before it hits the mandrel.
    have fun, bend wire!