How does one pack a Triumph Tophy SE for 2up and 7-10 days? The wife thinks

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    Interesting thread. We are off for 4 - 5 weeks in Europe next summer 10,000 Kms and camping 4-5 days a week as we move about with 2-3 days in hotels

    We are 2 up on a Tenere 1200. My plan is to use the Jesse top box racks to secure 2 30 litre ortlieb zip bags. This will keep the weight more centered and forward on the bike and
    have nothing behind my wife but her backrest and the tent / sleeping mat roll.

    We plan to cook breakfast and some dinners using the fresh food from local markets.

    Our big advantage on this trip is that we are flying the Tenere over and back and as such we can test pack from our home before we leave. In the past we had a bike in Germany and brought too little or too much stuff with us.