How long do you keep your bike?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by GoSlowFallOver, Sep 14, 2020.

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    Would love to be able to provide pics, but being a silly old bastard, and refusing to learn about new technology – I can’t help you.

    The old girl has done over 640K kms. She’s a bit like “Grandpa’s Axe”. Currently on 2nd oversize of the second set of barrels. Camshaft and cam followers replaced. Whilst the main bearings, big end bearings, and oil pump have also been replaced, it’s still on the original crankshaft. Frame and engine case are still original – as is the gear box case. Dual plugged with a ”Piranha” ignition system, and still goes as new. Heads have been modified for unleaded fuel. Still get 320kms out of a tank. The Luftmister side tanks give an extra 10 litres. Currently on the second final drive with the second drive coupling on the rear wheel.

    IMO, the best oil for these old things, although a bit expensive, is Fuchs Titan Formula 60, 25W-60. I retro fitted an oil cooler many years ago which I think has helped its longevity. Poor old thing is now probably due for a de-coke, but I really can’t be fucked. It’s shameful when you prepared to pay someone to do the work that you used to enjoy.

    Enough rambling for now.
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    I seem to buy at least one new bike every year and never keep a bike for more than 2-3 years. My problem is that I ant them all so I've owned like 60 motorcycles in my life.
    This year (2020) I bought a 2011 BMW R1200RT in January and just bought a 2020 Kawasaki KLX250 in August. I love the RT but the KLX was a mistake and I already want to sell it. I should have bought a real dirt bike with a real engine in it.
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    You have definitely treated the old girl very well! 640kms? That's incredible! Not just for the bike, but for you as well.
    Thanks for the info. Would still like to see a pic someday. Maybe get any 5 year old to do it for you. They can do pretty much anything with a 'puter now-a-days.
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    Coming up to 9 years for the Tuono. about 75k on the clock. Never missed a beat.
    No valves have needed adjusting, never looked at the clutch, just normal consumables needed.
    Cant think of a bike that I could replace it with.
    Oh, except for a new Rocket 3 . :D
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