how many bikes have you owned

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    How many big adv bikes (650 and bigger) have you had what did you like and dislike why did they go away.
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    Hey Henk - hope you're doing well.

    Over 650 would be...

    The 1983 V45 (750) Honda Magna that got me back into riding after 35 years off. It was not really big enough for my tall frame.

    Next was 1983 V65 (1100) Magna. Better, but when I got the next one, I never rode the V65, so I sold it.

    ST1300 Honda - so far, this has been my dream machine. So smooth and powerful. The addition of a car tire on the back makes it real stable on gravel if I need to go there. Still ride it whenever I ride.

    Are you back in Michigan for the summer?

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    By big ADV bikes I assume you mean ones advertised as all roads ready (biggest bike I've taken on two-track was a 1st Gen Kawaski Concours, that was let's say... interesting at times. LOL)

    With the stated assumption:
    2013 Tiger 800XC - Pros: Smooth, comfortable, reliable. Cons: Weak low RPM torque, streetish front geometry made for a front end that likes to tuck in the soft stuff) A bit top heavy. (I still own and ride it)
    2016 KTM 1190R - Pros: What a motor! Geometry that has dirt riding in mind. Comfortable. Cons: To me felt as top heavy as the Tiger. Harder to lift off the ground than the Tiger. (Sold to fund the 690)
    2017 KTM 690 Enduro - Pros: Fun torquey motor. Light for a 690CC bike. Cons: Short fuel range. A bit vibey for long back to back high mile days. Stock front suspension was rubbish (fixed). Large turning radius. (Sold to fund the 790)
    2019 KTM 790 Adventure R - Pros: Lightest "big" adv bike. Much more comfy on the road than any thumper. Fun screamer of a motor. Very good handling out of the box both on and offroad. Very easy to pick up for a big bike. Cons: Weakest under belly of the lot. Not as comfy as most other full size ADV bikes on the road. Still haven't adjusted to looking at it's front headlight, LOL. (Plan to keep it for a long time. It's the long range ADV bike I had hoped I could make the 690 into.)
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    It was an LSD day, the day KTM designers did those new styled headlights.
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    DL1000’s x2. Bought it new, sold it for an ST1300 which I hated, then bought another DL1000 (VStrom 1000) in the same color (red).

    BMW R1200GS x1. Sold it.

    Now I’m interested in a new VStrom 1000.

    The GS’s are nice, but not 20 grand nice.
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    I've bought and sold in excess of 150 bikes in the last 15 years, and I've never ridden a bike that I didn't like! Maybe I didn't love it, but if it's got two wheels and an engine, I'll ride it! I've had everything from: