How much are Nortons really worth?

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    Strong Bad,
    the silver Fastback was bought from a mate who has recently left us. He also had a Fastback Long Range.
    The silver bike is a 1968 Plumstead Commando, plenty of other bits and pieces, ‘72 850 frame, disc frontend, mk3 isolastics, in-line oil filter, peashooters, single Mikuni.
    This old girl is off the road for a complete going through, it’s last rebuild was 27 Year’s ago, I don’t think it’s ever failed to make it home under it’s own power. I’ll be listening carefully to the previous builder.
    The tacho drive hasn’t been connected for a while, neither instrument works. Who needs a tacho on a Commando?
    I have rebuilt Green Spot and Chronometric speedo’s, I’ll run the Chronometric.


    Not my mate’s LR but close enough, note the seat and tank.
    Don’t see many.
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    My understanding is that the Long Range Fastback was an Australian market bike, but a few went to other counties.
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    Sweet Nortons! About eight years back a good friend of mine did a very nice garage restoration of a Norton Commando. I have seen Steve's work many times and it is not just your spray bomb throw new parts at it resto. He even had real gold leaf pinstriping and had the Norton on the tank gold-leafed. When he put it up for sale he called me said he was hoping to get $2000 for it. I told him don't even start at less than $3500. The first guy to look at it paid the $3500 with no haggling, so my guess is Steve could have asked $5000 and got every penny.

    After that I gave him a XS650 I had bought years earlier for $150 with a clear title and a holed piston. Steve had done some work for me and wanted a bike project. He got it running great, did it into a mild cafe bike, then he needed quick cash, sold it for $700, wish I had bought it back from him.
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    Took my Interstate for a 100 mile run today, gave me time to think of at least a grands worth of 'improvements' I could make......:type
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    Sorry for the hijack,

    I stumbled onto this thread and this picture and it brought back a ton of memories. We must be of the same vintage, but for those Norton offiados, I purchased a brand new 1974 Norton 850, in 1975, no rear disk, no electric start, in London UK - Firths Motorcycles for 755 pounds - or $1759 CDN. Then road around Europe. Still have it - great bikes .

    Stand corrected - I bought it at Taylor Matterson in London, not Firths. Old age. And here is a picture when back in Canada. The red trim around the plate designated it was for 20180109_162457_resized.jpg export only, so I never paid tax on it.
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    The best thing to do is to look at "sold" listings on Ebay, that way you have the price they actually sold for. You will be able to find listings of sold Norton bikes of all ages and conditions if you are a little patient, and then you will have true market value. If you are just buying the bikes to flip them for the cash the old man can not give you then pay as little as possible because your time marketing them and pissing around with people who say they want to buy them is worth quite a bit if you are a busy working man. Commandos are fashionable right now, but they are certainly not rare. They are the old-man's Brit-bike because they are like a rubber-mounted Harley, a bit bigger than the old 650cc BSA-Triump-Dominators, better riding and less vibration. I rode them when I was young because I was able to buy six of them for $1500 and three of them were running and rideable. I got rid of all of them decades ago because I like the light-weight and handling of the older featherbed Nortons.
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    Norton’s ain’t worth much,if you’ve never ridden a we’ll sorted one.