How the mighty have...

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    ... fallen.
    It's day 6. Saturday morning, just after 10. I can't present this in any way other than as it comes.
    You need to understand me, and the way that I will tell this.
    Last night was a bad night. I was in a lot of pain. Quantum. Am still quantum. I am finely divided with the knife, but I am still not yet in the continuum.
    We need to go backwards for me to start telling my story. It's 4, maybe 4:15 Sunday afternoon, and I'm heading home along Corinella Rd on the Commando. My first test ride has gone well. I'm pleased. What hasn't gone gone well is me removing work from my mind when I ride. We are approaching Agar Rd intersection from the East. Ahead of me is a Holden Vectra and behind that, some sort of 4x4 thing of a dark colour. They are cueing at the intereaction to do a right hand turn in front of me. I have clocked the Vectra. My next thought is about work.

    This is my mistake.
    He was mever going to prop.
    He turns.
    The Norton and me and the Vectra are one for a very short amount of time.
    You see, I don't blame him - I blame myself. I should have taken evasive action - He was never going to stop. Instead, I thought of work...
    (Pictures here some other time)
    I should have thought "Vectra! Vectra!" instead I thought Vectra - work.

    When last we spoke, I had been translated through Calabi-Yau space.
    This comes with a price. I have moved 100 meters. I embrace the tarmac. It takes me to it's bosom. It holds me tight in return.
    I have moved through calabi-yau space.
    I embrace the tarmac god. We are one. I am Perfect. There are men, strong men, powerful men who wish to take me from this perfect state. Im not sure how they did it. I imagine scissors, shovels and body bags. I am in the ambulance. I think we talked and time passes agIn. We are not going anywhere though. The arc Angels arrive by helicoptor and I'm moved from the ambulance. We fly the Great Circle and I am here. Wherever here is. I have an impression of the horizon and the suburban lights and he woop woop of the chopper. And the Angels have delivered me here.

    In time I'm under the knife to be finely divided and when this is complete I have the one task which is to put myself back together again. I dont know if you know those games we played with a three by three matrix missingone element. Given time you could manipulate arrangements where you could have them where you want them.
    More to come.
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    Sorry to hear about your accident.

    Glad they gave you some good drugs.
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    Jan 26, 2006
    I have no idea what the fuck happened to you....but you made it sound like the best indy movie ever! I hope you heal up quick and are well taken care of.
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    I like your writing style. I hope you have a full and speedy recovery.
    My main take away from your story...when riding think only about the ride. Thank you!

    I am a new enough rider, and at my skill level, what I love about riding is, it take my total focus... a meditation.
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    I get you and your way of communicating the events as you remember/felt them. Your writing style is quite unique and very expressive.
    Rest and recover, then begin to bring the bits back to the center.
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    Hope you heal well and sort the commando!