How to install MapSource without a disk, or previous installation

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by Mac, Jan 17, 2012.

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    Step 1: Download latest version of MapSource from Garmin.
    Step 2: Rename file extension to a .rar instead of .exe
    Step 3: Use WinRar to extract to a folder (instead of running exe).
    Step 4: Run MSmain.msi file, not Setup.exe.
    Step 5: Be happy.

    Note that "setup.exe" runs the check to see if you already have MapSource installed, then it executes the MSmain.msi file to install the application. By executing MSmain.msi file directly, you skip that step and just get a clean installation.
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    This worked great on my netbook when I was on a trip and needed to load MS to view tracks that were sent to me.

    Thanks for the tip !
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    Hey Mac, this info rocks m8 :)

    I have been getting nagged lately, since adding some after market maps, so I un-installled and re-installed the way you describe and it works great, thanks.

    Now, for some info that may help others, I had been using Mapsource, I think it was 6124, and this was fine and worked with my MAP76S. But, I have a new Montana650T arriving soon, so I thought I would install Basecamp and get used to the interface.

    Well, it installed but deactivated my mapsource and to tell the truth, I am not that impressed by basecamp yet. I was a bit underwhelmed, but then after un-installing all Garmin products and using the above procedure, I then downloaded and installed Mapsource 6163 which as mentioned works fine.

    I then got curious and decided to follow the same procedure using Basecamp and I can now say it was successful and I can have both programs open and running at the same time :D

    **note, one of the glaring omissions from Basecamp is the ability to click on a drop down button to select Map Scale which is very annoying as you have to select the magnifying glass and right or left click to step through the scales**

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    You do know you can zoom with the plus and minus keys in Mapsource - maybe Basecamp too?

    (Can't find the damn Basecamp manual online anywhere, but what I did find suggested the + and - works for it too)
  5. TravellingStrom

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    Thanks m8, that did work and I also found out that havering the mouse over the big BLUE triangle, turns it into a map scale and rotation tool ;)
  6. 1200gsceej

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    See here: for some BaseCamp usage information. It also says:

    Where is the Manual?
    Currently, the manual references on Garmin's website point to the MS manual, which will not help you with BC. There is a help file in BC, but as with most help files, it is more a reference on how to operate the program, not how to use the program. As significant progress is expected from Garmin with BC development for the On the Road applications, a manual may be a moving target today.

    If someone knows something better on line, please post a link!

    Note, there is also an online project management system called Basecamp (see so don't get confused.:evil

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    Thanks Mac. I'm recovering from a crashed disk with no way to install Mapsource. I'm not going to Basecamp until I absolutely have to - you've just allowed me to stall for a little while longer.

  8. Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadu

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    I too am recovering from a crashed laptop. It would appear as soon as the support for XP expired, so too did my Toshiba's will to live. Now I'm having to learn a new OS and figure out where and how to replace all my lost programs I had collected for the past 7 years. Well, this may not be the best thread for such stupid questions, but I guess I gotta ask them somewhere, so here goes:

    1. Would anyone be able to walk me through the procedure to re-name a file in Windows 7? I can't find a way to view the file and its file extension.

    2. Where can I learn how, or read about how, to use Win RAR? It looks like it may be pretty simple, but to me it's not intuitive and therefore I'm stuck.

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    I'm going to bump this back up. I just used it to install MapSource on a new machine.

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    Since I just ran across this, was wondering how to get the last version (installed on the machine) of the city Maps (V2014.?) unlocked? It works in basecamp, but I least willingly... I have an older Garmin 376C that I can no longer do routes on without. Garmin Support told me to connect the 376 then go to the unlock page on the computer- didnt work. Not sure he knew what he was about... Any help appreciated !!!

    Edit: Dont know how I screwed it up but it is now working......Go Figure.