Hugo Moto Scrambler LT build

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    C6AB569D-FC5A-4133-9FB2-F88C46920BFE.jpeg ED9DBC2D-0D53-4354-A7B5-8A05CF666B0B.jpeg 92009B63-DFA2-44FD-9677-B4D334917285.jpeg DFFD2E83-505D-4CB9-B4B0-24924160E73C.jpeg I’m in the finishing stages of my Hugo Moto scrambler kit. Lots of questions and problem solving took place along with many adult sodas. The folks at Hugo have been a great resource but I thought having a thread here may be helpful for those in the process or thinking about it to get some help or to see some pictures of others builds.

    My donor bike was the 08 XL1200L shown above. I feel it was the perfect platform as it’s a rubber mount and fuel injected. It was super low so there was nowhere to go but up!

    This is not to debate the value of the kit, just an info share.
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    So share already
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