Husky sm 610 vibration question(s) see picture-

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by Cruciform, May 4, 2012.

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    Mar 16, 2012
    So, I'm a new owner of a Husqvarna SM610, (06) and I've put about 100 or so miles on it.(it currently has about 4500 total miles) I think it vibrates too much-I initially attributed it to being a thumper, but I did a search, and came up with all sorts of answers. so, I pulled the clutch side cover off, and checked the balancer shaft- I'm getting a 38mm socket today, and am going to pull the gear to check the woodruff key, but this has me scratching my head.

    found this when I pulled the cover-

    Somebody obviously did a modification- my question is- is this correct? why would someone change the marks to be lined up?

    How much vibration should I expect from this engine? at certain speeds, it almost blurs my vision, but isn't intolerable, at highway speeds, I couldn't imagine riding for more than an hour or 2 like this.
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    Also check the motor mounts at the top of the engine. The bolts have a tendency to loosen.

    Though I can't say why your gears appear the way they do. Maybe a mistake or adjustment at the factory upon assembly?
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    Do a search for woodruff key shearing.
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    There were some gears that were marked wrong, then remarkede by the factory,
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    Thanks for all the help on the 610's counterweight nut vibration issues, Guys. Seems the nut is a problem on all the 610's.
    "Ckeekybike", my 2009 fuel injected Husky SM 610 has just gone through it. Yesterday my flipping' shoelaces rattled loose when the motor starting rolling through the "rumbles". Luckily I was riding rather sedately along the Kalk Bay Coast Road, after winding Cheekybike real hard through the bends up the pass, scraping knees and generally clearing all that nasty carbon stuff out of the system..... . Thanks to all those old posts, I found lots of info on the forum and Yep, it was the counterweight nut, not the two head bolts to the frame. Finger-tight!!! Got hold of a wrench and an off-cut of alu to jam the teeth and fished out the woodruff key. Darn lockwasher has a slot for the key, but rotates with the nut ???Cleaned the nut and shaft threads with degreaser, applied a drop of Loctite, and as I don't have a torque wrench, I used the "Old Commercial Diver Right Arm Tight", torquing system. (about 130 Nm + :D) It's a permanent nut now :jack, folded the lockwasher and took her for a spin. Problem Solved!