Hyder-Seek Bound/Western States Tour

Discussion in 'Americas' started by Auburn1200GS, Oct 28, 2007.

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    Aug 26, 2007
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    My Dad and I are planning a trip out west. Atleast thats how it started. The idea started as a cross country adventure for me to see the country. As a 21 year old about to graduate from Auburn University, this is kind of a graduation trip. I figure for the next few years i'll be working my ass off and wont get this opportunity for awhile. I'll be on a 05 12GS, and he's got a 1150RT (atleast for now anyway..he kinda likes the GS, maybe a GSA coming soon??) We'll be leaving around May 13th, giving us 17/18 days to get to Hyder, AK for the rally which starts May 30th.

    We've got a pretty flexible route, somewhat planned, atleast where we'd like to go. Hoping to camp most of the way. Not planning on going to Southern Cal, although i'd like to, don't think we'll have time. Not sure if this will work but its an outline of the route to Hyder. Any suggestions and comments welecome. Places we need to see, or whatever. Hoping to do a short version ride report/updates from the road, then full report when we get back.

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    Oct 28, 2007
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    sounds like a great trip wish i had done with it my dad in the 80's or my son a few years ago. i have ridden in utah and further west quite abit. i would reccomend doing the loop from moab down to zion national park over to vegas zoom over to the coast of california at paso robles. the ride up hyw 1 is great. your welcome to stop in marin at our place for a few days to take in san francisco. stay on the coast all the way to washington cross over to bc at port angeles for a couple of days at victoria. you can take the ferry back to the mainland at a couple of locations on vancouver island. time wise its not more than a few days more to take the nice roads. hope to hear from you:D