I am interested in leaving Minnesote on a bike....

Discussion in 'Americas' started by reality checker, Feb 15, 2008.

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    Feb 26, 2005
    If you had a bad case of cabin fever and wanted to leave central Minnesota on a KLR on a warm (40°f or higher) dayin March, putting in one or two 500 mile days and end up in an area that you could remove your coat without the danger of frostbite or hearing about wind-chill, where would you aim your bike?

    FYI: I have thousands of miles on sleds and I can take the cold ride. I have been thru some training that allows me to truly function MIND over MATTER.

    I am interested in punching out about the end of March, I will get a passport before then. The most interesting locations would be west of here like northern Nevada or Moab but they may still be too cold for the time of the year, or not. I have also considered heading pretty much south until I can safely mail my coat home, is that Arizona, New Mexico or somewhere in Texas?

    The reason for the passport is, in case I need to go farther south to get the heat, I don't want to be hindered by a border. I have about a month of time off saved to make the trip.

    I will consider sleeping in a ditch or in the parking lot of a city park to escape. If it is warm and the likelihood of meeting any poisonous snakes is low ,I can crash anywhere. (I have stories to tell).

    If you have suggestions for routes, please post, thanks for reading.... I feel that I must go, I have one month vacation saved. I may wander, but am interested in any input.
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    I can see it now. Some dude wrapped up in a large black plastic trash bag sleeping on a park bench in order to avoid man-eating pythons lurking the streets of Kansas City. Except it will still be cold so the pythons will be hibernating. :D

    500 miles out of central MN. will get you to southern Iowa or maybe MO. Make it 1500 and you should be able to find some heat and decent riding. I would head south to Tulsa or so then head west. You can cover some serious ground in a month.

    Don't worry man spring is coming. Going to be 50 here on Sat. so I will be riding.:evil
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    Head straight south until it's warm enough to ride without your electric vest. Then take either a left or a right.

    I used to live in MN, and I now live in northern Nevada. You'll get the occasional nice days here now, and there's a lot of good riding in March, but getting here involves going through a lot of high places where it's still really really cold and snowy.