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Idaho Falls to Victor via Radio Towers Road

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Day Trippin'' started by Vector Leto, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Vector Leto

    Vector Leto Adventurer

    Jul 24, 2007
    Idaho Falls, ID
    Day: 07.31.10

    Party: RidewestKTM, 449wireman, and me.

    We started the ride at Starbucks in Idaho Falls and proceeded as follows: Kepps Crossing, Tex Creek, HWY 26 to Rire, Kelly Canyon Rd, 218 (turns into Longhollow eventually), 2000 S, Green Canyon Hot Springs, 219 (Warm Creek) all the way to the Radio Towers.

    At that point we found a way through the Packsaddle area to Driggs. Off of 219 (main road to the Radio Towers from Green Canyon Hot Springs) there's an unmarked trail a few miles from the radio tower (heading back to Green Canyon) that connects to 207. 207 then connects to 508, which brought us to the west part of the Driggs countryside. See the route in the following scan.

    The route: Green and orange mark the route taken. The blacked-out sections were alternate ways that we didn't take. If you can't see some details, try holding down the control button on your keyboard and use the scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll up. The view on your monitor should zoom in.

    There's two features of the route I've shown that I'm not sure about:

    1. I just drew a wandering path from the radio tower road (219) to 400 N Packsaddle road. The route we actually took (unmarked trail, 207, then 508) aren't shown on the map...So I just guessed.
    2. I'm not certain about where we came out from the Packsaddle area. It might have been Packsaddle Rd, or closer to Horseshoe and 700 W.

    Perhaps West or Wireman can clarify?

    We had a late lunch in Victor at the Naughty Pine. We then took Pine Creek Pass into Swan Valley, crossed the Snake River, went through Fall Creek (077) to Kepps Crossing, then Home.

    From the time we left Starbucks to the time we came out of Kepps was about 9 hrs and about 220 miles. That included enjoying the sights from the radio tower, reparing a flat, finding our way through the Packsaddle Basin area, and eating lunch. It was a great dual sport ride that covered fast highway, gravel, dirt, two track, and some two track that was approaching single track difficulty. It was everything you could ask for in a dual sport/adventure ride.

    Here are some photos:

    It's difficult to see here, but that's a moose in the field. This was taken right before the snake river bridge heading toward Kelly Canyon.

    RidewestKTM and 449wireman on 218 past Kelly Canyon.

    Heading toward Green Canyon on 2000 S.

    The 219 RD going toward the Radio Towers.

    You don't see that everyday...unless you live in Driggs :lol3 . Awesome view.

    Wireman and the radio towers.

    Camera view looking oppostie direction of Tetons. RidewestKTM is trying figure out how to get into Driggs without going all the way back down 219.

    At the intersection of the unmarked trail and 207.

    That sign reads 207...I swear!

    Damn! Pinch flat. Here's a formula for you to ponder:

    Big bike + crazy fast rider = pinch flat

    Ridewest is fast at changing tubes (with a little help from his friends). He's also clever about where he hides extra tubes.

    This is on 207 where Ridewest got the flat. Wireman is taking in the beauty and taking photos of the pretty flowers...at least that's what I thought...

    I took zero photos while on 508 into Driggs. I was too busy picking a line through downhill singletrackish with rocks, roots, fourwheelers, and horses. It was fun though and added to the adventure.

    Finally! A break and some food at the Naughty Pine in Victor.

    The storm we outran...well we got a little wet, but not bad. This is looking back at Fall Creek (077) from Kepps.

    Home, safe and sound.