I'm headed west: TX, NM, AZ

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  1. Stephen

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    Feb 19, 2002
    Austin, Texas, USA
    I'm heading west on Friday, meeting an old friend in El Paso, and then we're heading for southern NM and AZ for a week of wandering.

    We want to do 191 (666 -- I like that better) if the weather smiles on us, and we'll likely wander around Silver City and Gilas and down towards the Chiricahuas and the Dragoons. And Bisbee, I guess.

    Any advice is appreciated. Must see, must do, must avoid...

    And anybody wants to link up, PM me for my cell.

    Oh, I'll be monitoring whatever repeater I can find on my HT, if I can get it together.

    73, kd5ssu