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    In 2012, I bought a new Yamaha WR250R. Nice bike and compliments my Super Tenere. Not long after that, I got tired of the short range of the small tank and bought a IMS 4.7 gallon tank so my trips into Montana would have less stress figuring out where my next fill up would be. This year (2020), I noticed my range was shorter due to the "Lift Pump" not pulling gas from the wings of the tank when fuel was getting low. I emailed IMS and chatted with Daniel Carlos. Through pics we determined I had their old style tank. Mr. Carlos told me he'd send me a new tank under warranty and provide a shipping label for the return of the old one. Cost to me-$0.00

    It's good to know there are still companies out there that still provide OUTSTANDING customer service. No BS, just a can do attitude. I would highly recommend IMS for their tanks as they will stand behind their product!!!

    Thanks again Dan!!!!

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