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    My wife and I recently completed a 15000 km tour about the continent, well the prairies BC and a half dozen or so States. On our journey we collected maps as we went only having the 4 western provinces when we left. It was fun and made for good discussion when we would sit at a picnic table in the eve and discuss tomorrows ride. In the morning we would head out generally with a direction or prone in mind. After an hour or so we would stop for breakfast in some small town, usually the breakfast spot is where the pickups are gathered. If you take a road map in with you for breakfast you are bound to get local input and suggestions let alone the stories of their adventures. Now we met many riders out there with all kinds of electronic gizmos but it seemed they were in a world of their own not really interacting with the locals. Is not the reason to go to new places to meet them that live there? Yea I guess it could be good to know exactly where you are at all times but then maybe not. On our recent journey we took a digital slr camera to capture all the moments but being the electronic genius that I am I had the camera on the wrong memory setting and captured nothing. All this said one of the great parts of the trip was the local interaction that we may not of gotten if we knew exactly where we were and where we thought we wanted to be. If you find yourself in The Pas Manitoba they have a great breakfast at the little restaurant right in the middle of the main street, good people and good food good conversation. Oh I suppose I will breakdown some day and by a gps, but the older I get the less worried I am about knowing where I am, I just really enjoy a nice long ride. Of course we ride gs', his and hers models!!