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Discussion in 'Americas' started by 24foxtrot, Jan 1, 2008.

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    My 30 day countdown has started. A few months ago, in approximately September I found out that I would be losing my job in February. I decided to sell everything I own except for my 93 NightHawk 750 and start an adventure. Initially my plan was to sell everything including the bike and buy a plane ticket to Ireland and get a job on a farm doing manual labor, a far cry from my current job in IT. Unfortunately the degree of dificulty getting a job in the UK prevented me from following up on that. So now the plan is to start a motorcycle tour of the U.S. and Central America initially parking myself in Belize for a little while, depending on how hard it is to find temporary employment there. I really haven't done much planning and the time is coming quickly. What I do know is that before I go I should replace my valve cover gasket, my clutch, fork seals and oil (prolly won't) invest in some sort of luggage for the bike, and figure out how to mount and waterproof my GPS and satellite radio. Anyway, anyone have any tips or considerations that I should be making but probably haven't before a such an adventure? Back in October I did an Iron Butt 1000 mile in 24 hours ride just to see if I was up to it, and it was challenging but me and 2 other bikers did the distance. I am horribly behind schedule in selling all of my worldly possessions and behind on my bike maintenance and I cannot help but feel underprepared, but all of my best adventures generally start that way.

    Any tips or anything will be appreciated.
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    Sounds very cool.
    Geode has the nice Tent Space thread here on this site.
    Pack for the weather.
    Treat your bike like you would your dick or your eyes, the most important thing(s) there is.
    Stay away from back alleys and always be open to BS with the local people.
    Humility is underrated.
    Keep us informed....
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    Learn Spanish. You will be more welcome and everything will be easier.