Iowa County, WI Gravel Loop (SW Wisconsin)

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    Nov 4, 2008
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    Oh my goodness, did I come off like that? Wait, here is a smiley face.
    Sorry about that. THANK YOU for really really real for posting the track, I had a really enjoyable day. I went on about Cheese Country as a suggestion to someone who might want to use that as a way to get to Mineral Point in order to pick up your track and enjoy. I would never suggest or expect you to put that trail on your GPS track, it is really not that exciting. I just took it as a alternate route. I had no idea that the trail was closed. And then I made the comment about being north of 18 as to someone might want to just do the meat and potatoes portion and not travel to and from Mineral Point. I did not mean to sound critical but I did hijack this into my own ride report and I am sorry for how I came off.
    Please, you found some good roads and if you put anything else together I would be interested in that. I don't know Iowa County very well I had a great time exploring yesterday.
    Thank you.
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