Iran, Stans, UAE, Oman, Siberia, Mongolia

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    Regarding any of these countries/all of the Stan's ... has anyone experience or real knowledge in the following:

    • Temporarily importing their motorbike (such as by riding across the border, not shipping, or taking ferry e.g. Bandar Abbas to Dubai)_ how do you do it? and what are the related fees/laws

    • I will be riding a Honda 700 through all of them, clearly it is not anything special, and only £800 was paid for this bike - I have no idea how the carnet works or how to get one, I am mostly only used to riding through EU countries where nobody cares & there is no issue at any border crossings. Can anyone advise on associated costs on any of these countries/what the procedure is for the least faffing around. Since time is limited on some plans, im looking for - In, Out, Ride it all about, and back Out. No nonsense.

    • When it comes to Dubai, the voyage would be Bandar Abbas to Dubai ferry, and only about 1 or 2 days in Dubai before flying out, and needing to leave the bike there for a couple months, before flying back and taking the same ferry back out to Iran. If there's anyone based in Dubai and has a garage or back garden & can store for me, please let me know. That being said, since I would have 1 or 2 days in UAE/Oman before flying back, and on the 1st or 2nd day I would land back in UAE a couple months later, I would take the ferry out to Iran - is it actually worth all the nonsense or is it easy to take the bike in and out? Whenever I have taken ferries in EU, Morocco, its been quick online printed ticket/import paper, quick police check, no temp import cost, ride off boat, done... Any info on this please for Dubai.

    • Leaving the bike in these countries, flying out, returning later. Has anyone done it? I understand for Turkey, its not allowed to leave temporarily imported vehicle in the country and fly out, but I have found reports of how people have easily got around it, which I would be willing to try also. Just like Morocco, your not technically allowed to, but there is provision for it with customs at the airports. With these countries, im wondering if anyone knows whether its possible no problem, or not allowed.

    • Any issues you have had obtaining visas / necessary to state you are motor biking travelling there or better not to?

    Please refrain from speculative responses, only from experience if you have done it yourself or know someone who has or facts ideally. He who says he can, and he who says he cant - are both usually right...

    Thank you
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    Hi, I am based in the UAE. I don't have any experience in importing, but will be happy to store the bike for you for a couple of months. I will ask around to see if I can get information for you. In the meantime, I found the following on the website. It refers to an exit permit required from your country of origin.
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    Most of what you need to know is here. I am trying to work out your start and finish point which would be helpful but you will need a carnet for Iran and Brits now need a guide to travel there as well so it is not a straightforward place to visit, Brits can also only get a Russian visa in London.
    There is no carnet needed for any Central Asian countries but they are usually let in on a temporary importation permit so have to leave with the owner, there is one which I think is Tajikistan where you can leave it.
    I never mention motorcycle when applying for visas, that is a customs rather than immigration issue, never answer questions you have not been asked.
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    The motorcycle shop MuzToo in Osh, Kyrgyzstan allows people to leave their bikes there over winter for those whom return each year to ride the Stans and beyond. It would do no harm slinging them an email.
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    IDK if this is new out, but just sailed into my ken
    UK's Ch4 From Russia to Iran "Crossing the Wild Frontier". A walk across the Caucasus. Mountains and deserts, dissidents and terrorists. Sheep and drunks.

    Does not address any of the OP's questions. Sorry if considered pointless.
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