Iron Butt-Vancouver/Halifax/90hrs

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Steve G., Jan 8, 2006.

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    The 90cc challenge.
    At this point I'm a pretender. I've done the 1000miles/24hrs, and 1500miles/36 hrs. A buddy and I have been kind of throwing this idea around, and have more or less nailed a departure of June 15th. On airhead GS's.
    I start this thread to hear from serious riders who do serious miles, to learn from their experience regarding physical and mechanical preparation, group size thoughts, departure time preferences, riding gear/wear, fuel stop strategies, route preferences, food/water requirements, and any other thoughts.
    The reason for GS's, is me really. On the other two rides, I was with guys on big new K bikes, and the effortless high speed mile eating is something not found on an airhead GS. I offered the request that to make it tough, but equal, that it would be a GS thing. There's a strong possibility of newer oilhead GS's coming along, but I'll deal with that. I can push my GS hard and it will take it. They can cruise faster on the open range land of the praires, but there are cops everywhere, and a stop with the police would slow things down alot. But to have equal amounts of wind/weather protection is the real equalizer I think.
    Ciao, Stebe G.
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    A few thoughts:
    - The smaller the group, the better. 2 is ideal.
    - Start from Halifax. i.e., ride out there at leisure, then make your way back for the big run. By that time you’ll be working better as a group and resting from coming off work. As well, you’ll have more daylight coming back (East to West) and are “going home”, which is always psychologically more comforting.
    - Drink 0.5 liter of water at every stop, no matter if you’re thirsty or not.
    - The prairies are painfully dull. I did this run in 2001 ('83 R80RT)and would not do it again.

    Good luck

    By the way, I’m an IBA witness for Vancouver but will be riding RTW … contact David Morrow from the IBA list. He’ll meet you somewhere and sign your paperwork.