Is this price right for high mileage GSA

Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by Black23, Feb 7, 2019.

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    I bought a new 2009 GSA from Max for about $17K, farkled it a bit, put 50,000 highway miles on it riding in US and Europe for 9 years. New Wilburs rear shock required at 36k miles. Routine maintenance items ongoing. Not a garage queen. I guess I could get about $7K for it as is. At age 69+ I plan to ride it until I cannot walk anymore. I would love to rack up another 100k miles, but unlikely at current ride activity level. If I do get to 150k miles I will not sell it for a few $thousand, I will bronze it and smile when I pass it in the garage.

    I did buy a $14K 2008 K1200GT and put few miles on it over the years, limited use because it was nasty to ride with engine fueling issues, and general ergo's. I will happily sell that very fast lump as soon as I have a moment...even for a few $thousand....just to get it out of the garage.
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    There is no issue with a cared for 150,000 mile boxer..keep caring for it and, riding it.
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