Is Tunisia still safe?

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    Oct 18, 2012
    Hey guys,

    after riding to Morocco last year, me and my friends are planning a trip to Tunisia.
    Especially to those areas/cities:
    Douz, Ksar Ghilane, Es Sabria, Matmata, Metameur, Tozeur, Mountain oasis (Chebika, Tamerza and Mides) and Tableau of Jughurta.

    My question is: is it still safe to go there? the austrian foreign ministry suggests not to go to Tunisia, if you don't have to lol
    The thing is, it's the same with Morocco and i did not feel unsafe at any time during my trip.

    And has anyone got more tips on where to go? especially for offroadriding or scenic road? :) GPS-tracks are welcome!

    Ride safe,

  2. AbuFawda

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    May 5, 2015
    Hi there Phil,

    I have been living and working in Tunis since February and have seen a fair bit of the country by bike. I can say that the security situation here in Tunisia is not nearly as dire as presented in the western media, though there are certainly still threats that require careful consideration. The locations that you mention are certainly doable, though a few words of caution. Obviously the regions along the Libyan and Algerian borders are experiencing a fair bit of instability. I would probably not venture to Ben Gardane or beyond at this time, and would think carefully about Tatouine. The desert oasis you mention are safe, as are the mountain oasis even through they are fairly close to the Algerian border. Passing from Kasserine into Kef to get to Jughurta would be a risky proposition at this time, I would be much more comfortable with the northern approach.

    Depending on what you are interested in getting into, there is great remote touring along the northern coast. I have been going there frequently this summer as the desert is too hot and all the tours end up at lovely remote beaches. There are numerous remote dirt roads and tracks along the mountainous coast, and security is much less of a concern in this region. Also the Zaghouan ridge and Cap Bon will keep you well occupied in beautiful country for a few days.

    Other considerations: how large is your party? Will you be camping, or staying in hotels? There are VERY few riders here these days and the lack of big bikes in Tunisia means they always attract a lot of attention. Keeping a low profile, while not always possible, is a good strategy. Let me know if you have any questions!

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    Jan 11, 2016
    yes it's safe and if anyone need help i live in tunisia